WuMgr (Update Manager for Windows) UWP app for Windows 10

Everybody wants their Windows and program to be updated. There may be so many reasons for the updates such as bug corrections, enhancements, and even new features. Users can control Windows updates in Windows 10 by using the Update Manager for Windows, popularly known as WuMgr, a free and compact tool. When it comes to Windows updates, it is superior to the Settings app. All WuMgr can do is install specific updates, conceal them so they won’t be installed, or quickly uninstall any previously installed Windows updates.

How to Install Windows updates using Update Manager for Windows (WuMgr)?

Launch WuMgr from the Start menu once it has been installed. To do an automated search for any outstanding updates and gather details on recently installed updates, use the Search (Circle) button on the left side pane of the program.

If there is a pending Windows update is discovered, choose the update(s) you wish to install and click on the Download button.

A pop-up window will open after the download is finished. Click on OK.

After the download is finished, launch the app and click on the Install button, or search for the executable file and manually install the files.

Finally reboot your computer to complete the installation process.

How to Uninstall Windows updates using Update Manager for Windows (WuMgr)?

With the help of WuMgr, uninstalling a Windows update is quite simple. Check the check-boxes next to the update(s) you want to remove by selecting the “Installed Updates” tab. Lastly, press the Trash button.

Finally reboot your computer to complete the un-installation process.

How to Hide Windows updates using Update manager for Windows (WuMgr)?

If you have an available but want to skip installing it for a while, choose the update (s), then click on the Hide button. The chosen update or updates will now be moved to the Hidden tab. If necessary, you can choose, download, and install them later by using the respective buttons.

Downloading and Installing Update manager for Windows (WuMgr)

The Update Manager for Windows (WuMgrmost )’s recent version is available for download and installation through the Microsoft Store. Visit this link and select Get from the menu. You can use it just like any other app once it has been installed on your smartphone.

Final Thoughts on the Update manager for Windows (WuMgr)

You should choose WuMgr right away if you don’t want to use Windows 10 Automatic Updates or need to temporarily stop them due to bandwidth restrictions and want to install only certain updates.

That is it.

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