WinfrGUI: A Free File Recovery Application for Windows 11 and 10


WinfrGUI is a 100% free program for Windows 11 and 10, so users do not need to purchase any services within the software that helps recover deleted files from their PCs.

As a free Windows file recovery software developed by individual developers, WinfrGUI is designed with advanced file recovery technology. Based on excellent Windows file recovery features, WinfrGUI scans your disk or partition and recovers deleted files with a high recovery rate.

This program is an alternative to Microsoft Windows File Recovery, and the firm has just added a GUI and named it WinfrGUI. Using this application, you can recover media files/office files/ZIP files, etc., including JPEG/PDF/DOCX/MP3/EXCEL/ZIP, etc. This  Windows File Recovery is supported and endorsed by Microsoft.

WinfrGUI for Windows 11 and 10

You may run the program right after installation; WinfrGUI displays all available partitions on your PC. You may run a quick scan or full scan right away to show all files that may be recovered. So, select a partition to choose a location where you want to save the retrieved file, pick the scan mode (quick or baritone), and click the Start Recovery. Next, wait for some time, depending on your drive size, to get the files listed that can be recovered.

The WinfrGUI also comes with advanced settings. Tap on the Advanced Settings button on the homepage of this application. You can use the advanced settings options before scanning to find the best results in less time. Here, it permits you to pick a file type (documents, photos, videos, audios, web pages, and compressed files). Besides that, you can also add a custom extension and specify specific folders to scan.

After clicking the OK button, it will take you to the main page of the WinfrGUI application again. You may choose the quick or deep scan options and begin the scan by clicking on the Start Recovery button.

One downside of the WinfrGUI application is that it lacks the advanced options and finesse of popular recovery applications but may still be helpful to many users. The developers should add recovery selection options to improve the user experience.

Still, WinfrGUI may be helpful to users who want to restore files from a specific folder that has been deleted by accident, malware, or other events.

Download WinfrGUI

Those who need freeware and a slight recovery program can download WinfrGUI from its official website.

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