Windows 11 Family Widget


What is Windows 11 Family Widget?

Microsoft has added a new widget named Family on Windows 11. This Widget keeps a record of your family members connected to a Windows device. Microsoft is trying to help families to keep their kids safer online. With the help of the family widget, we can monitor our children’s online activities.

Windows 11 introduced a Family widget in the built version 22000.120. The Family widget is essential for new generation consumers of Microsoft Windows.

Microsft is trying to provide a new experience to families through its Family widget. We can add all our family members to this widget.

How to add Family Widget into Windows 11?

We can add Familly Widget to our computer with the help of the below-mentioned steps:-

Step 1. We need to click on the Widgets icon from the taskbar.

Step 2. This will open the Widget.

Step 3. Now, click on the “Add widgets” button.

Step 4. After that, we need to choose the Family widget.

The new Family widget provides us quick access to set up the recommended family options from our Microsoft account.

Family 2

We can use the Family widget from Windows 11 to check the recent activity of our Microsft Family group members when we complete all the family configurations and add family members. We can add as many family members as we want.

Family 3

Spending – We can add money to our family’s Microsft account to help them buy games responsibly in the Microsft store.

Find your family – It makes it easy to see where all of our family members are on a map.

Try the Family Safety app – This application can see activity, say yes or no to requests, and even set up location notifications, all while on the go. This type of feature can also help in tracking family members.

Activity reporting – This feature helps check in on their activity and provides a weekly report sent to our inbox.

Family 4

Content filters – We can change the right content according to their age and can manage the website they visit. This will enhance their grow up process.

Your Family Email – We can also email our Family group to discuss upcoming events and catch up on what’s new.

Family Calender – We can add upcoming Family events and get reminders on our phone to help stay organized.

Family OneNote – We can create grocery list, plan a family vacation or share notes in our family notebook.

Family 5

Screen time – Screen time will help in setting the limits across our kids’ devices, apps and games to help balance their screen time.

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