Win11PrivacyFix Lets You Control Your Windows 11 PC

Windows 11 and 10 include a host of highly controversial features collecting information about the users and their activities on a Windows 11 PC and transmitting the data back to Microsoft. With no adequate warning, no concise privacy policy, and, most importantly, no official way to disable the logging completely, the new Windows 11 spying features raise alarm with privacy advocates around the world.

Win11PrivacyFix is a privacy-related software that is specially built for Windows 11. It lets you fix Windows 11 privacy issues and take full control of your Win 11 machine as the name suggests. You can determine what information you want to share with Microsoft and which you do not.


There is no easy way of completely disabling the tracking features of Windows. Even if you disable all the tracking features in the Privacy applet of the new Control Panel, Windows 11 will still keep collecting and transmitting many types of data.

To help you fix Windows 11 privacy issues, we developed an all-in-one Windows 11 Privacy Tool. Windows 11 Privacy Fix Tool allows you to disable select or all tracking services found in Windows 11 and delivered to Windows 8.1, 8, and Windows 7 with updates.

With the default settings, Windows 11 shares your data with Microsoft for your information. If you want to take control of which data you want to share and which to not with Microsoft, you should install Win11PrivacyFix and configure your PC accordingly.

However it is possible to alter some privacy settings through Windows 11 Settings, but it is impossible to block every setting; hence, we recommend using a third-party privacy tool like Win11PrivacyFix.

Windows 11 shares a lot of information with Microsoft servers in the background, and most people are unaware of it. This is done to improve the overall experience of users. However, not all Windows users are happy with this behavior and want to take control. If you are also concerned about your privacy, you can take control using Win11PrivacyFix.

Here, you can enable or disable several privacy settings with a click of the mouse. It’s very easy to use, and straightforward options are available in this tool. For example, you can quickly enable or disable microphone access on your Windows 11 machine.

After downloading, installing, and launching this application on your Windows 11 PC, you will find three predefined optimization strategies. By clicking on its dedicated button, you can apply the settings.

Clock:- This will block all communication with the Microsoft servers.

Recommended:- If you will choose this method, it will give you a good balance between security and comfort.

Default:- This mode will restore Windows 11 default privacy settings.

Download Win11PrivacyFix for Free

Here, you can download the pre-activated Win11PrivacyFix installer from this link. 

There is no need to enter the license key to use it.

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