Why my PC can’t Run Windows 11?

Why my PC can’t run Windows 11? Do you want to check why your PC can’t run on Windows 11? Microsoft has released software to check the compatibility of your system. You can download and run PC Health Check Tool from Microsoft to check. If you get the message “This PC can run Windows 11,” it means you can run Windows 11 on your pc.


And, if you get the message “This PC can’t run Windows 11,” your PC can not run Windows 11. In that case, either upgrade your computer’s hardware or purchase a new compatible system that can run Windows 11. Microsoft has announced that it will provide free upgrades to Windows 11 to its existing Windows 10 customers.


Further, to know Why my PC can’t run Windows 11, you need to download a free application – WhyNot11.

WhyNot11 for Windows 11

WhyNot11 is a free tool available on GitHub. This app scans your PC for the missing hardware details that prevent Windows 11. Download WhyNot11 from here and double-click on the file to open it.

Note: Windows might mark this software as dangerous. It was tested on our PC, and found no issues using this application.

When downloaded, run it on your PC, which will scan and load results on your computer screen. The results will be based on the currently known requirements, which are as follows:

  1. Boot type
  2. CPU Architecture
  3. CPU Generation
  4. CPU Core Count
  5. CPU Frequency
  6. DirectX Support
  7. Disk Partition
  8. RAM
  9. Secure Boot
  10. Storage
  11. TPM Minimum

Your computer is compatible with Windows 11 if the above parameters are green and show as OK. It means you can upgrade to Windows 11 from an earlier version of the Windows operating system.


This app will show what can be improved or prevent your computer from running Windows 11. The results will be shown as Red X.

If you get all parameters in green, you are good to go. Moreover, if any parameter is not green, you can consider upgrading that parameter or buying a new Windows 11-compatible computer.

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