Tweak Windows 10 using Free Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Windows provides you with so many tools and features only for you to be able to personalize your computer and have a better experience working on it. You have so many options to customize and to do so, and you need to be able to tweak your registry. Here this risewindows article has brought for you The Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4, which you can choose as your go-to software whenever you need to tweak the registry on your computer. The good thing about this application is that it is free to use. It has a user-friendly interface, so newbies can also use it easily. It comes in handy whenever you want to make your system faster, more stable, personal, and more secure with just a few mouse clicks.

You also have alternatives to tweak the registry with the help of your in-built settings app, the Local Group Policy Editor, or the good old Registry Editor. However, The Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 does the job in a few clicks.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 10

With more than 200 tweaks, the application size of mere 1MB. As mentioned above, it has a minimalist UI containing links in the left panel and tabs on the top in some categories. Currently, version 4.7.1 is the latest version present for the application.

After downloading the software, you will find the categories like System Information, Customization, User Accounts, Performance, Security & Privacy, Internet Explorer, Context Menu, Additional, Search for Tweaks, and About on the left side.

If you go to the System Information, you will find the version of Windows 10, CPU, and RAM information. System Information also helps create a system restore point, run System File Checker Utility, and even repair Windows System Image.

Customize Windows using Ultimate Windows Tweaker

It is coming to the Customize option. It can be used to tweak various kinds of settings on your Taskbar. You can also alter the settings of Thumbnails, File Explorer, and the Modern UI. Whether it is changing themes (light or dark), disabling Start animations, changing Battery Date & Time flyouts or changing the Volume Control, showing or hiding Frequent folders or Recent files, Changing Aero Settings, enabling access of the Camera on the Lock Screen, Customize inbuilt folders, etc., the software knows it all.

Tweak User Account using Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Coming to the next option, i.e., User Accounts. As the name suggests, you can alter the Account Settings with the help of this one. Apart from that, you can also tweak Logon information and sign-in options. Talking about Accounts, it also helps enable or disable a built-in Administrator Account. You can customize your Windows 10 to display the last login information on Logon Screen, enable verbose Logon Messages (will show your messages on Logon), and force users to press CTRL+ALT+DEL for logon.

Tweak Performance using Ultimate Windows Tweaker

The Performance tab is the next one on the list. Configuring the waiting time to kill applications during Windows shutdown, the waiting time to end services at shutdown, and the waiting time to kill non-responding applications helps optimize your computer.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker: Security and Privacy

The Security and Privacy option ensures your Windows 10 computer is safe and sound. You can do so by restricting access to Registry Editor, Control Panel, Task Manager, WinKey Shortcuts, Command Prompt, Administrative Shares, User Account Control, Shutdown ability, Sign Out ability, Encryption of File System, System Restore Configuration, File Explorer Options Menu, Telemetry, Biometrics, Advertising ID, Handwriting Data Sharing, Taskbar Bing Web Search, Cortana, Wi-Fi Sense, Windows Update Sharing, Windows Feedback Requested, Password Reveal Button, Steps Recorder, Inventory Collector, Application Telemetry, Calender, Microphone, Access to User Account info, etc.

Tweak Internet Explorer

This option explicitly handles Internet Explorer and its settings. You can tweak Internet Explorer’s appearance and behavior through this menu.

Tweak Context Menu using Ultimate Windows Tweaker

You can use the Tweak Context menu to add various options to the right-click context menu. These options include News, Travel, Maps, People, Mail, Music, Money, Microsoft Edge, Alarms & Clock, Games, Weather, Sports, Calendar, Film & TV, Store, Reading List, Settings, OneNote, Registry Editor, Notepad, Calculator, etc.

The additional tweaking menu offers see some other system and Network tweaks.

Using the Search For Tweaks menu, you can search for various options and tools on Ultimate Windows Tweaker. You can type and search for a particular tweak utilizing this feature.

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker

You can visit the official website and download the Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

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