SmadAV – A free system cleaner and antivirus tool for your USB

One of the problems we find every time we connect to the Internet is the proliferation of all kinds of viruses that can contaminate our PC. To avoid this, we connected safely through antivirus, regardless of the operating system we use. Viruses are becoming more complex and dangerous threats, and they not only affect the operating system but can also attack connected peripherals such as flash drives and pen drives. This risewindows post will talk about Smadav.

If we use Windows as an operating system, we automatically have Windows Defender as an antivirus and Firewall, not by option but by default. In this way, Microsoft ensures that we can have a minimum of protection, even if we are inexperienced users, against malware and hackers. But this option may not be enough, and we are looking for extra security, something we can achieve with this new proposal.

SmadAV Antivirus for your USB

Smadav is an antivirus responsible for complementing another antivirus that we could have installed, working as additional protection. This program offers a second layer of specialized protection to protect USB sticks, memory cards, and flash drives from viruses and malware.

This antivirus has its way of detecting and cleaning viruses so that we have greater security when using the PC. It consumes few resources, so it does not negatively affect computer use. It allows complemented with another antivirus that we may have installed since its use as the primary solution against virus infection is not indicated.

Smadav’s efforts focus on anticipating one of the most important means for spreading viruses, such as flash drives and USB memory sticks. It can detect new viruses in these drives, even if its database is not found. It is capable of cleaning viruses that have infected files, as well as restoring those that the virus has hidden. In addition, it can repair our PC’s registry in case it has been damaged or modified by a virus.

SmadAV scanning is quite impressive. It took only a few seconds to scan in Quick mode. Once the scanning is completed, it will be segregated into Virus, Registry, and Hidden fields. One drawback of the free version; it will keep prompting you to purchase this software after every action.


If we are looking for an antivirus to protect our PC from malware when browsing the Internet, we prefer the Smadav. It does not only scan for viruses and malware, but it also checks for evil or corrupt registry files. It will clean your registry in similar ways to other registry cleaner software. You need to manually check virus updates here since it is a free version.

Generally, Smadav is good enough for what it can do. One can use it as secondary antivirus, not as a core anti-virus software. We tested it with Windows 10, and it ran without any issues.

Download SmadAV

You can download SmadAV from this link.

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