SecretFolder: Free Folder Locker For Windows 11/10

One of the many capabilities available in Windows 11/10 is the ability to hide a file or folder. However, there is no method to password-protect the individual folders. The BitLocker Drive Encryption functionality is included in both Windows 11 and Windows 10, although it cannot be used to lock specific folders. What should I do now to password-protect a folder?

SecretFolder for Windows 11/10

With the help of the free Windows tool SecretFolder, you may password-protect a folder. Although there are several third-party programs available to protect folders, many of them are either expensive or may not function as promised.

The UI of the SecretFolder application is straightforward and user-friendly. Additionally, it works with every version of Windows, even the newest Windows 11. When you use SecretFolder to protect a folder, Windows Explorer will not display the protected folder (File Explorer). The inability of users to access protected folders even from the Command Prompt is the application’s other notable feature.

Protected Uninstall is a noteworthy feature of SecretFolder. In other words, not even the computer’s administrator account can uninstall it without first inputting the master password. This implies that someone cannot acquire access to your protected folders just by breaking into your system. You could be thinking right now that we can remove it with the help of an uninstaller software from a third party. Also ignore this alternative. Even uninstallers from third parties are unable to remove SecretFolder without providing a working password.

SecretFolder’s Protected Uninstall feature is quite amazing since it allows anyone with access to your computer to log in directly without having to first log in. If your folders are secured with SecretFolder, no matter how a user gets access to your computer, they cannot access your folders.

NTFS, FAT, FAT32, and exFAT file systems are supported by SecretFolder. You may lock any size folder with a password to keep prying eyes out, and it is free for unlimited use.

How to Use SecretFolder?

Use the following steps to learn to use SecretFolder:-

Step 1: Download SecretFolder.

Step 2: Install it like any other piece of software on your computer.

Step 3: After installing, start the application right away.

Step 4: Configure with a password and a recovery email.

Step 5: At this point, the SecretFolder’s primary interface will open.

Step 6: Add the folders you want to conceal and password-protect by clicking on the Add button on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can lock a folder by dragging it to the SecretFolder program interface. The chosen folder will be password-protected and hidden in File Explorer (Windows Explorer). You also find Lock listed under status on the application. The program may now be safely closed.

Step 7: Launch the SecretFolder application to unlock and reveal locked folders. To enter, type the password.

Step 8: After choosing which folder to unlock, click on the Unlock button.

Step 9: The desired folder is now back in its original location in File Explorer. On the SecretFolder application, you will see the status as Unlocked.

Step 10: It should be noted that after unlocking a folder, it won’t lock again until you do it manually. Therefore, ensure sure all folders are locked before closing the application. Select the folder, then click on the Lock button once more to re-lock it.

Step 11: Open SecretFolder and click on the I forgot password button if you can’t remember your password.

Step 12: On the pop-up window, select Yes to confirm.

Step 13: You will now get a message from OHSOFT through email. Copy the recovery key from the email by opening it.

Step 14: Then paste it into the SecretFolder “Recovery Key” box, and then click on OK.

Step 15: The New Password window should now appear. Choose a new password for yourself. You can also modify your email according to your requirements.

Download SecretFolder

With Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, SecretFolder is compatible. It is available for download from the company’s website.

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