ScreenOff: Turns off Windows Laptop Screen with a Click

A batch file can be used in Windows 10 or 11 to turn off the display on a laptop or computer. There is a specific button on the monitor to turn it off for desktop users. However, there is no button on the laptop that can be used to shut off just the monitor, making it difficult to do so.

There is no option to manually turn off the screen on a Windows laptop, but you may set the Windows Power Plans to turn the display off after a set period of time. But what should you do if you want to immediately turn off the laptop’s screen without locking it or putting it in sleep mode?

Turn off Windows Laptop Screen on Windows 10/11

Freeware program ScreenOff allows you to quickly switch off the screen of your Windows laptop without putting it to sleep. And the good thing is that it is only 13KB in size. There is no installation necessary because it is a portable file. This software can be downloaded and used to turn the monitor off. You can drag it to the Windows Taskbar for simple access. Furthermore, you can disable the monitor by clicking on its icon on the Taskbar.

Simply move the mouse cursor or press any key on the keyboard to wake up your computer or laptop.
Even better, you can design your own shortcut key to disable this feature. Move your executable file to a different location or the “Program Files” folder before continuing.
Choose Create shortcut from the context menu when right-clicking on the ScreenOff executable file.
When prompted, select Yes.
A shortcut file for ScreenOff will be created on the Desktop by the aforementioned operation.
Now choose Properties from the context menu when you right-click on the ScreenOff shortcut on the Desktop.
Select the “Shortcut” tab in the Properties dialogue box that appears by clicking or tapping. In the “Shortcut key” box, click or tap. Any keyboard key should be pressed (A to Z). For instance, if we press the “E” key on the keyboard, and my shortcut is “Ctrl + Alt + E,” Windows will add “Ctrl + Alt” for us.
Finally, click on Apply and then on OK button.

To turn off the laptop or keyboard monitor, press the shortcut key combination you have created in the above example. To wake up the monitor, move the mouse cursor or tap any key.

Download ScreenOff

Click here to download the ScreenOff freeware.

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