RAR Opener: Free RAR and ZIP File Archiver Extractor for Windows 11 and 10

You have plenty of software available all over the Internet that you can use to extract archive files on your computer. However, in this risewindows article we are going to talk about an application called WinRAR. It is one of the best and most popular program for extracting archive files on a Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer. Although the software is paid for, the creator permits you to use it for free by using a few methods rather than hacking or cracking the product. There is excellent news for Windows 11/10 users who dislike using tricks: you can get the RAR Opener as a gratis tool from the Microsoft Store.

RAR Opener for Windows 11 and 10

Anyone who doesn’t mind adverts can download the free and compact RAR Opener program from the Microsoft Store. This tool was created specifically for Windows 11/10 and functions flawlessly on the 64-bit edition.

RAR Opener merely extracts the contents of a WinRAR file into a folder, as contrast to WinRAR, which transforms a file in WinRAR and extracts WinRAR file contents into a folder. Therefore, it cannot be used as a replacement for WinRAR. The most recent version of RAR Opener can handle hundreds of common archives, including 7Z, Zip, TAR, LZH, etc. in addition to opening RAR files. Using this free software, RAR to ZIP file conversion is also possible.

How to Extract Contents of a RAR or ZIP file using RAR Opener?

Once you have a RAR or ZIP file, choose Open with from the context menu and then click on RAR Opener.

Automatically, the RAR Opener utility will be launched.

Select Save to Folder from the menu. On your computer, choose the directory where you wish to extract the archive file. To extract the contents of the ZIP or RAR file, click on the Unpack here button at the end.

How to Convert RAR to ZIP using RAR Opener?

As previously mentioned, you can convert a RAR file to a ZIP format with the free RAR Opener. Follow these steps to change the.RAR file into a.ZIP file:-

Step 1: First, click on the Start button and type “RAR Opener” into the search box.

Step 2: To open the “RAR Opener” entry from the list of top results, click on it.

Step 3: Click on the button RAR → ZIP.

Step 4: Click on the Convert button after choosing the RAR file from your PC or laptop’s hard drive.

Step 5: The RAR Opener application will prompt you for the location of the file’s extraction.

Step 6: To view the converted ZIP file on your Windows 11/10 PC, click on the Convert Here button.

The RAR Opener can be downloaded from this page.

That is it.

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