PDF Redactor: A Desktop Tool to Redact PDF Text and Make Sensitive Content Unreadable


PDFRedactor.com released a new Windows program called PDF Redactor, a neat PDF text redaction-free software tool for redacting or deleting sensitive text and images in a PDF file to protect privacy. It does not only blackout content to make it unreadable, but the blocked part cannot be found even if readers use the text search function. The content is deleted entirely from the PDF file.

How to Redact Text on a PDF?

The interface of this app is very straightforward, so users won’t take long to figure out how to start. Upon launching PDF Redactor, you will be prompted to open a PDF document, and then you can use the program’s features.

Before choosing to redact text, the tool will instruct users on how to do so. Click on the Redact button, highlight the text they wish to block, and save the PDF. After that, the highlighted text will be redacted immediately, removing any possibility of it being somehow revealed through reverse-engineering. Users can rest easy knowing that the information they hide here will stay redacted.

A Delete button also enables users to delete the highlighted writing.

Add Text and Images to a PDF

PDF Redactor adds new text and images over a PDF file, making the process intuitive and easy. One can move and resize anything they add and customize the text font, size, and color.

Features of PDF Redactor

  • Black Out and Redact PDF Text,
  • Neglect Sensitive PDF Content,
  • Redaction Area Color Customization,
  • Automatically Unlock Secured PDF Files,
  • Rotate PDF Page Orientation,
  • Write Text and Add Images to a PDF.

Price and Availability

It is free for PDF documents with less than 100 pages and home/personal use, with no file number limit.

The PDF Redactor Pro version costs USD 29.95, and it can redact PDF files containing more than 100 pages.


The PDF Redactor Pro version was in the giveaway promotion. Users could get the PDF Redactor Pro serial key (PV5833275XNRCUL) and upgrade to the Pro version before Feb 15, 2022.


Founded in 2021, PDFRedactor has a small team of fantastic programmers who have previously developed a wide variety of document tools such as PDF Maker, PDF Converter, PDF Protection utilities, etc.


This program is enabled with all versions of Windows, including Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11. Go ahead and opt for PDF Redactor.

You guys are amazing; Keep reading, learning, and growing.

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