O&O AppBuster: Removes Apps on Windows 11/10 you do not want

As soon as you update your PC to Windows 11, you will notice a lot of apps available in the start menu that you might never actually use. You may never use many applications you install in the future, as many of them are useless. Purchasing a computer with Windows 10 preinstalled can lead to a vast list of useless applications installed on your computer. Manufacturers include apps, so removing them one by one is tricky.

During this risewindows guide, we will talk about an app remover, also known as O&O AppBuster, that will make it easy to remove almost every Windows 11/10 system app. This guide will cover the app remover in more detail.

O&O AppBuster for Windows 11/10

There is an app called AppBuster that you can use if you want to reclaim the lost storage space and improve the performance of your Windows 11/10-powered system. This app aims to provide a comprehensive solution for uninstalling Windows apps and is designed to provide a complete solution. Many of us tend to have a nasty habit of installing many apps and then forgetting about them for an extended period. As a result of these useless apps, your Windows 10 operating system tends to become bloated and slow down as a result. As a result, there is a very straightforward solution that can find. There is nothing more you need to do than uninstall the apps you no longer wish to use.

Although most Windows apps can uninstall from the Windows Settings menu, this does not apply to hidden, pre-installed, or unwanted apps installed with Windows. Even though you may have already noticed, Microsoft bundles many apps and other software with its operating system. The problem with apps like this is that they consume a lot of space and slow down your computer, whether you like them or not.

The O&O AppBuster is a free Windows 11/10 tool that allows you to scan and detect all the apps installed on your computer. Compared to other programs, the app buster freeware can also find hidden apps and display them on your dashboard, which is very handy. As well as displaying the program, the app also displays the version of the app and the location where it installs.

Aside from uninstalling the software, AppBuster displays the app’s details when you click on it so you can see more information about it. If you click on the application’s name, you can view the version, platform (32-bit or 64-bit), installation date and time, application size, and application path after you click on it.

You should review the list of apps on the left side of the screen and select the desired app(s) by checking the checkbox beside the app on the left. On the top right corner of the software interface, you will find a button called Remove, and you will need to click it.

As the scanning process takes some time, the AppBuster will display all the apps and their location once it has finished scanning. There is also an option to create a restore point through O&O so that you are covered just in case anything goes wrong. The system can be made by clicking on the Actions menu and then selecting Create a system restore point (recommended) from the list of options.

Download O&O AppBuster

Installing this app allows you to uninstall all unnecessary apps from your phone and reclaim your storage space. In addition, the app is portable and does not cause your system to slow down if you use it. There is an official website where you can install O&O AppBuster, which you can download for free.

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