Npackd: Install or Uninstall or Update Multiple Software on a Computer at once

A freeware browser-based application called Ninite enables you to install or update several pieces of software at once. It is useful for those with a lot of things to complete who have just installed or reinstalled the Windows operating system. You’ll attempt to install your preferred programs from the internet after the OS installation is finished.

Npackd for Windows 10/11

Npackd is a free program that can simultaneously install many applications from the internet, much like Ninite. Almost 1278 software options are available for you to choose from. On top of installing and updating software in mass, it also enables bulk uninstalling all at once.

Note: By default, Windows 10 gives you three options for removing programs or applications from your computer. However, you must wait until the first application’s removal procedure is finished before you can uninstall any other. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that you cannot delete many pieces of software at once.

Npackd will scan your computer and list the programs on it after installation and launch. It displays the appropriate app icon, title, description, installed and available software versions, and licence details. By selecting the Installed radio button located under the Status level, you can further filter the list of installed software.

Any application that has an update available will display the available software version in the Available column. You can use the Ctrl keys to select multiple programs on your Windows 10 computer, then use the Install option from the context menu when you right-click on it.

Now, a package will be created for your selected applications.

To have it immediately download and install on your computer, click on OK button.
You can simultaneously install a number of new pieces of software to your system, similar to the uninstall feature. Select numerous apps by moving to the All radio box under Status level and using the Ctrl keys. To create a new package and install it on your PC, use the right-click menu and choose the Install option.
Navigate to installed programs, select multiple apps by holding down the Ctrl key, then right-click and choose the uninstall option. This will uninstall many pieces of software at once.
Download Npackd
Windows 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems are both supported by Npackd. The most recent version of this software is available for download right here.
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