MultCloud: Free Cloud Manager

What is MultCloud?

MultCloud is a Cloud server that provides solutions to transfer files from one cloud service to another or your space. You can easily connect two or more cloud servers with the help of MultCloud and save data on MultCloud.

How does MultCloud works?

MultCloud is a cloud management service that transfers files from one cloud to another. You can add multiple clouds to MultCloud to manage and transfer your files from one cloud to another as long as enough space is accessible on your destination cloud.

What is the Free Limit for MultCloud?

As a MultCloud user, you can transfer 30 GB of data. After that, if you require more data to be sent, you can easily buy plans from MultCloud.

Transfer files between cloud drives

For instance, you can quickly move all files from one Google Drive to another or use “copy and paste” to copy specific files from Dropbox to Google Drive. And as cloud transfer runs on Multcloud, the transfer process continues even when your computer is powered off.

Keep two cloud services synced

With MultCloud, you can easily sync two cloud services or two folders on different cloud accounts. You can also set up scheduled sync to automatically sync your data between clouds at a specific interval.

Manage all cloud accounts in one place

Connect all your clouds to MultCloud, and you’ll find it easy to access and manage multiple cloud storage files with a single login. Easily upload, download, copy/cut, paste, preview, and rename your online files like in Windows Explorer. And as a free cloud file manager to integrate multiple cloud drives, you can “expand” your free cloud storage.

Online storage Services Supported by MultCloud

You can Transfer, sync, and backup data between over 30 cloud services with MultCloud. These are Google Drive, Google Workspace, OneDrive, OneDrive for Bussiness, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, Mega, Google Photos, FTP, Box, Box for Business, pCloud, Baidu, Flickr, HiDrive, Yandex, Nas, WebDAV, MediaFire, Web.DE, Evernote, Amazon S3, Wasabi, Hubic, OwnCloud, MySQL, Egnyte, Putio, ADrive, SugarSync,  BackBlaze, Cloudme, MyDrive, Cubby. If you do not find your cloud service here, then you can contact ( MultCloud to add that for you.

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