Missing Mount Option on Windows 10 Context Menu, how to repair?

You may have installed an ISO or IMG file mounter on your computer if you’ve been using Windows for quite a while. It used to require external software to mount ISO or IMG files in Windows 7 and older versions. With Windows 8, however, you don’t need to install any third-party software.

If you have purchased a new game that needs to install using a physical CD/DVD, you might be forced to mount an ISO or IMG file on your computer for various reasons. You will need the help of an external application; in this case, however, if you are still running Windows 8 or an older version of Windows, you can use a virtual CD-ROM.

The process of mounting an ISO file is quite simple. Right-click the ISO file, then click the Mount option. The file’s contents will appear in File Explorer as you do so. You can also unmount an ISO or IMG drive by right-clicking on the mounted drive in This PC and selecting the Eject option.

You may, however, not be able to mount your file if you right-click on it. It may happen if you don’t have Windows Disc Image Burner as your default program for ISO or IMG files. It can be due to changes made by third-party applications, or anything may be due to the case with you; keep reading this risewindows article for detailed instructions on getting the Mount option back.

What should I do if the mount option is missing in Windows 10 Context Menu?

Using Properties

Step 1: Go to the Properties dialog box by right-clicking on the ISO or IMG file and clicking on the Properties.

Step 2: Go to the General tab and then click on Change button.

Step 3: From the list that shows up on your screen, choose Windows Explorer and then click on OK.


Step 4: Click on Apply and then click on OK in the ISO file properties dialog box.

Once you complete the above steps, you will find the Mount option by right-clicking on the ISO file.

Through File Explorer or Windows Explorer

Use the following steps to restore the Mount option from the Windows 10 context menu:-

Step 1: Start by right-clicking on the ISO/IMG file. Once you do that, go to the open with the option and then click on Choose another appfrom the list that you see.

Step 2: In the list that shows up, go to Windows Explorer and “Always use this application to open .iso files.” Finally, click on OK.

You can choose either of the methods mentioned above to restore your missing Mount option in the Context Menu.

That is it.

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