Microsoft PC Manager is a 1-click Optimizer for Windows 11 and 10

Microsoft PC Manager is a 1-click optimizer from Microsoft that provides Optimization, Junk removal, Virus removal, and other services to make your computer faster. This tool is available as a free download from the Microsoft China website and is currently in Public Beta. To optimize and keep your computer running smoothly, risewindows introduce a 1-click Optimizer, an all-in-one recommendation and bundled tool.

Microsoft PC Manager for Windows 11 and 10

Microsoft PC Manager is a 1-click optimizer tool that includes several features, including optimization, junk removal, virus removal, and other services to make your computer faster. It is available to download for free from Microsoft’s China website. However, it is still in Public Beta, so it is only recommended to download it for testing purposes.

Features of Microsoft PC Manager

The Microsoft PC Manager includes the following features:-

One-click Boost: Cleans up system debris, releases occupied system resources, and promises to make your Windows as fast as new.

Health Check: It quickly helps you to detect computer problems, clean up garbage (Windows cache, Browser cache, temporary files, system logs, etc.), detect viruses, and solve system risks & issues with one click. Besides that, it also recommends disabling startup apps.

Storage management: This helps you deep clean up system storage space, manage large files, recognize and help you to remove rarely used apps, and free up your computer storage space.

Process management: This helps you to quickly find unused processes and lets you end them with a mouse click to make your system run faster.

Browser Protection: It detects your current default browser and helps you block changes by malicious apps. Besides that, it lets you change your default browser with ease.

Professional virus removal: Microsoft PC Manager embeds Windows Defender definitions to protect your computer.

Startup apps: This helps you to quickly disable startup apps from your system to speed up the boot process.

Windows Update: This lets you know and updates if an update is available for your Windows or driver components.

Here, this software offers everything except a Registry Cleaner.

Once you download and run this app on your computer, you will find the following options under the Cleanup tab:-

  • Health check,
  • Storage management,
  • Process management, and
  • Startup apps.

So, you will see options for Windows Update and Browser protection under the Security tab.

After that, you can set the app to start automatically when you sign in to your Windows in the PC Manager settings. Asides from that, you can set this software to update automatically.

Now, a dedicated Boost button on the application’s main interface lets you quickly free up RAM and remove the temporary files.

Final Opinion on Microsoft PC Manager

This app is clean and offers some optimization options. It is compatible with Windows 11 and 10 and worked well on our test. So, it is still in Public Beta, and one has to see if Microsoft offers it free to its users after the final release.

Download Microsoft PC Manager

Here, you can download Microsoft PC Manager from its Chinese website.

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