Master File Locker: Lets you Lock, Unlock and Hide your Personal Files

In this risewindows article, we have brought for you a tool available on the Microsoft Store called Master File Locker. Using this application all your personal files, including pictures, movies, documents, notes, audio recordings, and videos, can all be locked, unlocked, and hidden on Windows computers. Interesting, right? To do so, you must configure the password to protect a file with a password after it has been installed on your computer. And the good thing about the application is that it is free to use.

Once you get the software installed on your computer you will notice five folders in Master File Locker when you first open the application after customizing it: Audio, Video, Photos, Documents, and Other. You can drag any document to one of these folders to lock it. Any file that has been locked will automatically be buried which means that you won’t be able to access it without the Master File Locker password.

The advantages do not end here. You can even move, remove, copy, and even create new folders in Master File Locker using this free application. Sharing files to Master File Locker from the system folder is quite simple. Using this free tool and saving a backup of your password in an email are both permitted password changes. You will lose all of the data you have stored in Master File Locker, in case you remember the password but haven’t created a backup for the same. Talking about the cons, this freeware program does not have a password recovery method.

Download Master File Locker

Nothing more needs to be said about Master File Locker’s free edition. In the free version, the software will continuously display advertising at the bottom of the screen, which you may easily ignore. This free tool is available for download from this page.

You can also go ahead and check out some more free folder locker tools, for instance, Free Hide Folder, Anvi Free Folder Locker, SecretFolder, HiddenDIR, and Lock-A-Folder.

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