Make your Windows Desktop into 3D With BumpTop


Windows provides its users with a lot of tools and features that they can use to customize their computers for a more personalized experience. If you are a person who loves to do so, you might want to read this risewindows article end to end. We have brought you a software called BumpTop that is an excellent choice for you. No need to look at that dull desktop any longer. Your plain Windows desktop is transformed into a 3D desktop with BumpTop, and icons are arranged differently. It is turned into a 3D desktop using BumpTop, which facilitates organization.

A 3D desktop called BumpTop helps you stay organized and increases your productivity. It replaces your desktop with a visual setting that is entirely new to you. It looks really great.

BumpTop installation is straightforward; simply keep pressing “Forward” to finish. When you first use BumpTop, a brief video lesson on how to utilize it effectively will play. When the video tutorial is finished, a brand-new 3D desktop will appear.

BumpTop 3D Desktop

BumpTop includes a number of themes that enable you to customise your experience. Right-clicking on the Desktop will open the BumpTop menu. However, you can still access your regular menu by clicking on More.

You can create collections of documents, images, and folders just like you would in real life. Additionally, you can group documents and folders according to type or date.

Numerous customization options, like startup launch automatically, are available in the BumpTop settings. You can switch on the infinite desktop setting to give your desktop no limits or set dimensions.

Once you install this freeware program you will find it in the system tray. There is no need to entirely uninstall it if you only wish to stop using it temporarily and access the Windows system’s default desktop. To exit BumpTop, simply right-click on the icon in the System tray and select that option. This will restore the default desktop.

Alternatively, you can press the ALT + F4 keyboard shortcut to quite BumpTop from your PC.

Download BumpTop

The freeware tool runs smoothly on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista. To learn more, get the BumpTop from here.

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