Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11

There are many keyboard shortcuts available to make your task an easy one. Windows provides various shortcuts to manage your apps and features on apps available on your system. We will be showing you some of them in this risewindows article.

Microsoft Windows 11

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 11 Applications and Features

  • Windows key + A – This shortcut opens the quick settings panel. This window lets you turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, and many more features. With this panel, you can easily adjust the brightness of your screen and computer volumes.
  • Windows key + C – This shortcut lets you open Chat with Microsoft teams. You can quickly start calls and meetings with the help of this app. You can also check your recent messages and contacts in Microsoft Teams using this new Windows 11.
  • Windows key + D – This shortcut shows or hides your computer’s desktop. While showing the desktop, all your apps will not be visible; when hidden, all your apps will be visible in their place.
  • Windows key + E – This shortcut opens File Explorer.
  • Windows key + F – This shortcut opens the Feedback Hub and a screenshot of that. This feature also lets you send feedback to Microsft about a problem you may have faced.
  • Windows key + G – This shortcut opens the Xbox game bar. This option lets you take a screenshot, record videos, and access many features while playing a game.
  • Windows key + ALT + B – This shortcut turns HDR off and on. This feature requires a recent version of the Xbox Game Bar application and an HDR-compatible monitor.
  • Windows key + ALT + R – This shortcut lets you record a video of your game or application using the Xbox Game Bar.
  • Windows key + H – This shortcut launch voice typing. This feature allows you to dictate text despite it to type by hand.
  • Windows key + I – This shortcut opens the settings app.
  • Windows key + Pause This shortcut opens the about page in the settings of any application. This shortcut also shows information about your computer hardware and software version.
  • Windows key + K – This shortcut opens the Cast panel. This feature helps you connect with wireless displays that support the Miracast app.
  • Windows key + L – This shortcut locks your computer. This feature keeps all your apps open in the background; you need to unlock your PC before using the apps again.
  • Windows key + M – This shortcut minimizes all your windows.
  • Windows key + Shift + M – This shortcut restores your minimized windows. This feature only works if you are still on your desktop.
  • Windows key + N – This shortcut lets you show the Notification center and Calender. This shortcut is a new feature in keyboard shortcuts on Windows 11.
  • Windows key + O – This shortcut prevents the device’s orientation. This feature works for tablets and convertibles. When you rotate your personal computer, this prevents happening.
  • Windows key + P – This shortcut changes the display for multiple monitors. You can choose to have one screen at a time, duplicate the display at all the screens, and use your screen to extend your display area.
  • Windows key + Q – This shortcut opens Quick Assist. This feature helps you receive or provide assistance via remote access through the internet.
  • Windows key + R – This shortcut opens the Run box. This app can open any app installed on your computer; you should know the name of the executable file for the app.
  • Windows key + S – This shortcut opens Windows Search. You can search for app files and search web-related content.
  • Windows key + Shift + S – This shortcut helps take a screenshot with the help of the Snipping Tool.
  • Windows key + U – This shortcut opens the accessibility page.
  • Windows key + Ctrl + C – This shortcut turns color filters off and on. You need to enable this feature in accessibility settings first; then, you can easily change how colors display for various forms of color blindness.
  • Windows key + V – This shortcut opens the clipboard history. This feature helps view multiple items you have copied, like links, texts, and images. You can turn this feature on if it is turned off.
  • Windows key + W – This shortcut opens the Widgets panel. It is a new feature added to Windows 11. You can quickly check the weather, OneDrive photos, Calendar, and more. You can also check the news feeds from these widgets.
  • Windows key + X – This shortcut opens the Quick Link menu. This feature contains links for system features like Settings, File Explorer, Task Manager, and more.
  • Windows key + Y – (Windows Mixed Reality devices only) This shortcut switch input between Windows Mixed Reality and the desktop.
  • Windows key + Z – This shortcut opens the Snap layout panel. You can put your apps side by side with the help of this feature. It is a new feature of Windows 11.
  • Windows key + . (period) or ; (semi-colon) – This shortcut opens the Emoji panel. This feature allows us to add emojis to any text document.
  • Windows key + , (comma) – This shortcut shows Peek at the desktop. The desktop is visible as long as you hold one of the keys after pressing them; your window will restore.
  • Windows key + Ctrl + F – This shortcut searches for your network’s PCs. It is suitable for Azure Active Directive domains.
  • Windows key + Spacebar – This shortcut toggle between languages and input methods.
  • Windows key + Shift + Spacebar – This shortcut cycles backward through the list.
  • Windows key + Ctrl + Spacebar – This shortcut switches to the last input method.
  • Windows key + Ctrl + Enter – This shortcut turns on the Narrator. This Accessibility feature reads on-screen elements to make navigation easier for those with vision disabilities.
  • Windows key + + (plus) – This shortcut turns the magnifier and zooms into the screen.
  • Windows key + –  – This shortcut zooms out with the magnifier.
  • Windows key + Esc – This shortcut quits the magnifier.
  • Windows key + / (Forward slash) – This shortcut begins the IME reconversion.
  • Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B – This shortcut wakes up your PC from a blank or black screen.
  • Windows key + Prt sc – This shortcut takes a full-screen screenshot and automatically saves it to a file. The files will save in the Screenshots folder in the Pictures library.
  • Windows key + Alt + Print sc – This shortcut takes a screenshot of a game or window and saves it into a file. This feature uses the Xbox Game Bar, and files save in the Captures, which is in the video library by default.
  • Ctrl + Shift – This shortcut switches to a different keyboard layout if multiple are available.
  • Ctrl + Spacebar – This shortcut turns the Chinese IME off or on(If the Chinese language is installed).
  • Ctrl + Esc – This shortcut opens the Start Menu.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc – This shortcut opens the Task Manager.
  • Prt Sc – This shortcut takes a full screenshot of your desktop and saves it to the clipboard. You can paste the screenshot taken above without saving it anywhere. Go to the Settings App > Accessibility > Keyboard to set the Prt sc key for opening the Snipping Tool (Make it the same as Windows key + Shift + S).

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