Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 11 File Explorer


File Explorer is one of the main features of Windows 11. It lets you view and manage all files on your computer. You can use the below-given shortcuts to view and manage File Explorer easily.


  • Alt + D – It will set focus to the address bar.
  • Ctrl + E or Ctrl + F or F3 – This will set the focus towards the search bar.
  • Ctrl + N – It will open new windows.
  • Ctrl + W – This will close the current window( You can also use this shortcut to close the current tab on a web browser).
  • Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel will change file sizefile, folder, web browser, or any open window on a Windows 11 computer. Scrolling up makes them more prominent while scrolling down makes them smaller.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N – This will create a new folder.
  • Ctrl + Shift + E – It will display all the folders in the parent directory of the current folder (It will also expand the list in the sidebar) if the current folder has no subfolder.
  • Num lock + * (asterisk) or + (plus) – This will display all the subfolders in the selected folder in the sidebar.
  • Num lock + – (minus) – It will collapse or expand the folder.
  • Alt + Enter – This will show the properties of the selected file or folder.
  • Alt + P – It will show the preview panel.
  • Alt + Left arrow or Backspace will take you back one page (it will also work on some web browsers).
  • Alt + Right arrow will take you one page forward (it will also work on some web browsers).
  • Alt + Up arrow – This will show the parent folder of the currently opened folder.
  • Ctrl + (arrow) – It will navigate the items on the opened page without selecting them.
  • Ctrl + Spacebar – This will select the individual items while navigating.
  • Shift + (arrow) – It will select the one after the other item starting from the selected one. The up and down arrow selects entire items’ rows in the grid style layout. The last selected items will be deselected if you start going in the opposite direction.
  • Right arrow (on navigation sidebar) – This will expand a minimized folder or switch to the first subfolder of an opened folder.
  • Left arrow – It will minimize the expanded folder or select the parent folder of the presently chosen one.
  • Home – This will take you to the top of the opened page.
  • End – It will take you to the bottom of the current page.

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