JDownloader 2: Free and Advanced Download Manager for Windows

Although every current browser has a built-in download manager, it has speed restrictions. Even frequently, if you try to download a large file, there is a chance that you will end up with a corrupt file on your computer. This is why we are going to talk about an application in this risewindows article that can be your savior JDownloader 2 is a freeware program that may be used by anyone seeking a powerful download manager.

JDownloader 2 for Windows 10

One of the top download managers in the library, JDownloader 2, has a user-friendly interface. All download managers have been tested on Windows 10 64-bit system and function on other operating systems as well.

JDownloader is a free download manager with outstanding functionality. Although there are many other free download managers available all over the Internet, it could be challenging for you to locate a good one that actually works. You can blindly trust this since the software is personally tested before putting any tool out there on this website.

Every simple download manager are expected to offer some fundamental features like the ability to pause and restart downloads and to establish a bandwidth limit. These fundamental feature tests are also passed by JDownloader 2.

The capacity of JDownloader to automatically complete CAPTCHAs is another distinctive feature. When you visit a website that asks you to complete a CAPTCHA, this function is helpful since it will fill it out for you and save you time and effort. All platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and other Java, can use JDownloader 2.


JDownloader 2 offers so many tools and features when it comes to downloading files. Unfortunately, following installation, it does not automatically integrate with the web browser and cannot do so via the browser’s settings. This implies that in order to download the file, you must first copy the download link by right-clicking and then pasting it into this download manager. In other words, JDownloader 2 won’t automatically collect links and download files when you click on them while browsing a webpage and want to download them using the browser’s built-in download manager. To download them, manually copy and paste the link into the download manager.

Right-click and copy the link of the file you wish to download in JDownloader 2. Under the Downloads tab, click on the Add New Links option. Now, if the URL is not manually pasted into the tool, it will do so automatically.

At last, press the Continue button. Your file will be visible when you access the “Link Grabber” area using the program. Start downloading it by right-clicking on it.

You can track the status of your file’s download by going to the “Downloads” tab in the software.

Link Grabber

This application has a particular feature called Link Grabber that comes in handy if you want to download every link from a website. Copy the website URL into JDownloader to import all of the links from that website. All of the links will be examined and displayed in the LinkGrabber tab. Any of these can be downloaded by right-clicking the specific link and choosing Start Downloads to get the video.


You can modify many more things, like the downloads folder location, from the Settings tab. If that’s your thing, you can play about with the Scheduler and the Event Scripter as well as the Proxy settings. Furthermore, you can enable the utility to automatically extract files from a ZIP package and even modify the user interface. Take your time to browse through and comprehend all of the JDownloader 2’s customization choices before making a decision.

Download JDownloader 2

Currently, the official website is where you can get the free JDownloader 2.

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