How to Wrap Text in Microsoft Excel?

You might have noticed whenever you write long texts in a Cell in Excel spreadsheet, it overlaps with the cell adjacent to it and can therefore be difficult to read. This is why risewindows is here to help. We have brought for you Wrap text app that you can use to automatically arrange lengthy texts within the Cell in multiple lines. Although you can expand the cell width and keep writing it may lead to a very wide and clumsy Spreadsheet. This is where Wrap Text comes into the picture. It will help show the entire text within the limited column width. You can also show long texts in multiple lines in the same cell.

Let us say you have copied and pasted the first two lines of this post in Cell A1 and B1. The following picture shows how it will show up on your spreadsheet. It will over several cells and will not even be clear to read. If you are working with shorter document you could still manage. However, it will mess your whole spreadsheet if this happen in case of a sheet with several columns. The Wrap Text tool can thus be used to serve the texts within the cells.

How to Wrap Text in Microsoft Excel?

Step 1: First, open Excel worksheet that you are facing the trouble with.

Step 2: Next, select the cell by clicking on it. You can also select multiple cells at the same time. It will populate the cell you want to wrap the texts in. For example, we have chosen Cell A1 and B1.

Step 3: Click on the Wrap Text. You’ll find it in the Alignment group, in the Home tab.

Alternatively, you can the cell(s), press the Alt + H + W key combination on your keyboard.

Once you have wrapped all the texts in the cell(s), it will no more overlap with other cells.

The good news is, you won’t even require changing the settings of the text wrap if in case you decide to alter the width of the cells; it will automatically adjust to the new dimensions.

You can use the line break function to manually adjust the texts in the cells. But, if you plan on decreasing the width of the column, you might want to adjust the cell’s contents again resonating with the cell’s width. To insert a line break, place your cursor where you would like the line to break. To use the line break function, place the cursor on the point where you want to break the line. You can take the example of Cell A1. You have the data “Gear Up Windows”. Let’s say you want to break the the line after “Gear Up.” To do that, double-click on Cell A1, and place the cursor after “Gear Up.” Lastly, press Alt + Enter simultaneously. You will now see the terms “Gear Up” and “Windows” in different lines.

That is it.

You guys are amazing; Keep reading, learning, and growing.

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