How to View or Recover Windows 11 or 10 Product Key using ProduKey?

Older versions of Windows OS, specifically Windows 7 and previous ones, used to come with a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) printed on it. The later versions, namely Windows 8 and older, do not have any such thing. The Certificate of Authenticity has all the essential information, such as the Product Key regarding your system, printed on it. It is so because the manufacturer has embedded it in the PC’s UEFI firmware that you can not see by accessing the UEFI.

Generally, not having a product key with you doesn’t cause many issues. However, you may face problems if you try installing a fresh Windows 11 on your computer. Without the product key, you won’t be able to activate it. You will require a valid product key if you want to install and activate a fresh Windows OS on your computer. You don’t have to go anywhere else, and you already have it hidden on your computer.

You have several options available that you can use to fetch your product key. One of these is Produkey. It is a freeware similar to Windows 11/10 Product Key Tool that you can use to recover the Windows 11/10 product key from BIOS/EFI.

Recover Windows 11/10 Product Key using ProduKey

Although you have plenty of software alternatives, finding the one that suits you can be challenging. Many of them may have issues working, some may have irritating advertisements on them, and others may get you in trouble by giving you the wrong product key.

On the other hand, Produkey is entirely free and has no advertisement showing up on the interface. You can run the application and find the product key for your windows 11/10 or MS Office without delay. Once it fetches the product key, note it and keep it safe.

Download ProduKey

ProduKey is a product that is available on the Nirsoft website. You can download it from here.

You can also check out Belarc Advisor, which helps you find product keys for your Windows 11/10.

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