How to View, Edit, and Delete Saved Passwords on Edge browser?

We have so many browsers available all over the Internet one of which is the Edge browser in the Windows 11/10 Operating System. It comes with several features, for example, the Vertical Tabs button, install and uninstall themes, Save Memory with Sleeping Tabs, changing browser settings to default, etc. Along with all of this you also get to save the passwords to various websites and accounts so that it is easier for you to visit the sites without having to enter the password every time.

We use a variety of login information while browsing the internet, such as logging into Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is difficult to remember them if you use different usernames, email addresses, and passwords for many accounts. especially if you’re using complex combinations and the best security practices. Because of this, every modern browser has a built-in password manager.

In-built password manager remembers the passwords for you, and when you revisit the same website on behalf of you, it fills in the login credentials. Here, the password manager becomes handy for most PC users. When it comes to security, they aren’t perfect. For instance, the Microsoft Edge password manager claims that your passwords are encrypted, but its exact algorithm remains a mystery. So if you want to take control of your sensitive credentials, it is possible in Microsoft Edge browser similar to the Google Chrome password manager.

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