How to Use UUP Dump to Download and Install the Latest Builds for Windows 11?


UUP dump is risk-free, and the software giant Microsoft also trusts it. We regularly download and install Windows 11 Insider Preview build on Virtual machines. But, Microsoft denies updating Windows because Virtual-box does not support TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot functions. So, to use the latest version of Windows 11 on our VirtualBox, we regularly download Win 11 from the UUP Dump website.

All UUP files are obtained straight from Microsoft’s official servers, and the tool does nothing more than assembling them all into a single file. You can technically download the ISO file for any preview build of Windows 11 available in the Dev or other channels. You only need to use a third-party tool like UUP Dump. If your Windows PC is enrolled in the Microsoft Insider Preview program and includes all mandatory hardware, your Windows 11 will automatically download and install the latest builds. So, you will not need to download Windows 11 ISO for every build.

Microsoft also permits you to download Windows 11 ISO from its official website, but in most cases, you will not find the most recent builds, especially if it was released the same day. On the other hand, using UUP Dump, you can get the latest builds almost immediately after release. The tool fetches and downloads individual builds packages from the Microsoft servers and creates an unofficial ISO file that you can use to install on your machines.

This risewindows article will guide you to use the UUP Dump tool to download the latest build of Windows 11 ISO.

How to Use UUP Dump to Download the latest ISO builds for Windows 11?

Do these steps to download the latest Windows 11 ISO:-

Step 1. Open the UUP dump website.

Step 2. Press the Downloads tab.

Step 3. Choose the Windows 11 Insider Preview to build you like to download as an ISO(such as build 25174).

Step 4. In the below screen, select the language for the Windows 11 ISO you like to download and hit the Next button.

Step 5. Next, choose the Windows 11 edition (you can check more than one) you like to download and clear all the other boxes.

Step 6. Pick the Next button after it is complete.

Step 7. Tap on the Download and convert to the ISO option under the “Download method.”

Step 8. Press the Create download package button to begin downloading the UUP Dump package on your PC.

Step 9. Right-click on the downloaded Zip file to pick the Extract all option.

Step 10. Hit the Extract button.

Step 11. After that, it will extract the zip file in the same folder where your zip file exists. Ensure at least 10 GB size is available on that drive and open the UUP dump folder. Right-click the uup_download_windows batch file to pick the Run as administrator option.

Step 12. When prompted, press More info on the “Windows protected your PC” window.

Step 13. Click the Run anyway button to continue running the file.

Step 14. If it prompts with the UAC (User Account Control) dialog, press the Yes button.

Step 15. Now, the batch file will open and download the Windows 11 packages required to build Windows ISO.

Step 16. When Windows 11 ISO builds, you’ll receive a message that the process finishes. At last, press 0 to exit the screen.

After finishing the above steps, you will find an ISO file of the latest Windows build in the same folder where you extracted the UUP Dump tool. You can now use that Windows 11 ISO to upgrade your PC to the latest preview of Windows 11.

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