How to Use the Insert Key to Paste Text into Word Quickly?


If you want to paste Text into Word quickly, you can use the Insert key instead of Ctrl+V. Even though it is not enabled by default, you can turn this feature using Word Options, Local Group Policy Editor, and Registry Editor. You need to enable this setting to use the Insert key to paste texts in Word documents. You must do that manually because it is not turned on by default.

You can paste texts into Word documents using the Insert key by turning on this setting in Word Options. If you do not want to use the built-in Word Options panel, you can use Registry Editor or Local Group Policy Editor. In this risewindows article, we will use all three methods and guide you on how to execute them. The Word Options panel is available for any operating system. However, Registry Editor and Local Group Policy are limited to Windows 11 and 10.

How to Activate Insert Key to Paste Text into Word using Word Options?

To paste the text into Word using the Insert key, perform these steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, you will need to open Microsoft Word on your computer.

Step 2. Choose File from the menu.

Step 3. Then, click the Options button in the bottom-left corner.

Step 4. Afterward, go to the Advanced tab in the left sidebar.

Step 5. Next, make sure you’re in the section dedicated to “Cut, copy, and paste.”

Step 6. Now, check the “Use the Insert key for paste” box.

Step 7. Then, save your changes by clicking OK.

After completing the above steps, you can press the Insert key after copying the text you want to paste. To paste something into your Word document, you can use both Ctrl+V and Insert.

How to Enable Insert Key to Paste Text into Word through Local Group Policy Editor?

Here, you can enable or disable pasting using the Insert key. After installing the Office template using the Local Group Policy Editor, follow these steps to enable pasting using the Insert key:-

Step 1. First, start the Local Group Policy Editor.

Step 2. Now, go to this path in the left sidebar of Local Group Policy Editor:-

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Word 2016 > Word Options > Advanced

Step 3. Then, double-click on the “Use the Insert key for paste” policy on the right sidebar.

Step 4. After that, ensure Enabled is selected.

Step 5. Next, click the Apply button.

Step 6. Then, save your changes by clicking OK.

Step 7. Finally, restart Microsoft Word to apply the changes.

Now, you can press the Insert key to paste copied texts.

How to Use Registry Editor to Turn On Insert Key to Paste Text into Word?

To active Insert, the key to paste Text into Microsoft Word using Registry Editor, follow these steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, start Registry Editor on your computer.

Step 2. Now, navigate to the following path in the left sidebar:-


Step 3. Then, right-click on the Microsoft key and select New > Key options.

Step 4. After that, name the new key to the office that has just been created.

Step 5. Next, right-click on the office key and choose New > Key options.

Step 6. Now, set the name 16.0.

Step 7. Then, right-click on the 16.0 key and pick New > Key options.

Step 8. After that, name this newly created key to the word.

Step 9. Then, right-click on the word key and pick New > Key options.

Step 10. So, set the name to options.

Step 11. Again, right-click on the options key and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Step 12. Then, give it the name inforpaste.

Step 13. After that, set inforpaste REG_DWOR “Value data” to 1 by double-clicking on it.

Step 14. So, click the OK button.

Step 15. Finally, restart your computer.

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