How to Use Google Fonts in Microsoft Word on Windows 11/10?

Several lovely text styles go along with your Microsoft Office. It is widespread to find and succumb to a Google text style you do not have in your Microsoft Word. Google has a wide variety of free and open source text styles that, assuming you know the magic, can be used in Microsoft Office and Windows. Google Fonts are designed for use with sites. The organization has an open access point for text-style documents, and numerous sites use Google Fonts.

Your program naturally tracks down the necessary textual styling and uses it to display a site. However, like any other text style, Google Fonts can be independently downloaded and installed on Windows. The Microsoft Office application incorporates a wide variety of text styles. However, including a specific text style for the Microsoft Word app on Windows 11/10 PCs is also possible.

Google Fonts are not restricted to the web, meaning you can download and use them in another viable application like Microsoft Word. In this risewindows article, we will show you how to use google fonts in Microsoft word on Windows 11/10.

How to Download Google Fonts?

First, download the font(s) you want to use in your documents from the Google Font Library. You can download specific fonts or grab them all at once; if you like the particular font of Google and want to use it on your computer, head over to the Google Fonts link.

Here, you will see a lot of fonts. Now, locate the font you would like to use and click on it. After that, click the Download family button in the top-right corner to download it on your computer.

Those Windows users who want to grab all the Google Fonts can navigate this link on GitHub. Here, you will find a collection of Google Fonts that is more than 600MB in size.

How to Install Google Fonts on Windows PC?

After downloading the desired Google Fonts on your Windows 11/10 computer, which you have, then double-click on it to view its contents.

Next, double-click the font file (You will see .ttf extension.) to open it. Then, you will see a preview of the selected font. Click the Install button at the top of this window.

Quick Note: If multiple fonts exist in an archive file, you must repeat each font’s process.

Remember,  once you install Google Fonts on your Windows PC, it is not in the Office program. Let it be any version of MS Office, including Office 365 & 2019/2016/2013/210, and it will pick the fonts from your computer.

How to Use Google Fonts on Microsoft Word?

In Microsoft Word, you would use a Google Font the same way you use any other font. Open a Microsoft Word document, and in the Font group, click the drop-down menu of Font.

Please scroll down the font dropdown menu, find the newly installed Google Font, and click on it.

Finally, click anywhere in your document to start typing with the selected Google Font.

That’s it for the article.

I hope this post will be informative to you.

Good luck & keep learning, guys.

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