How to Upgrade Windows 11 Home to Pro Edition?

Microsoft’s new Windows 11 operating system is a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 users. It means that Windows 10 PCs that meet the minimum hardware requirements set for Windows 11 can upgrade to Windows 11 for no additional fee.

Since the announcement of Windows 11, we have been getting various types of queries. One of them is concerning the free upgrade. Many users wish to know if they can upgrade from Windows 10 Home edition to Windows 11 Pro for free.

Why do you need to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro?

Windows 11 Pro contains certain features that the Home edition doesn’t have. Well, for most users, you’re probably just fine with Windows 11 Home. As the name suggests, the features in the Pro edition are more geared towards professionals and enterprise-managed PCs. Still, there are valid reasons to want it.

One of the Pro-exclusive features is BitLocker encryption, which helps protect the data on your PC from external attackers. Encrypting your data means only you can access it, and that’s important if you’re worried about data privacy and security.

So another exclusive feature is support for remote desktops. It lets you remotely connect to your PC and control it from anywhere, which can be very useful for PCs you leave at the office. There’s also support for Hyper-V virtualization. IT lets you create and run virtual machines to test specific environments or risky software without damaging your PC.

Even though it’s worth noting, a few apps offer similar tools if you have Windows 11 Home. VMware Workstation Player is an example of an app for running virtual machines, and TeamViewer is suitable for accessing remote PCs. You don’t need the Pro edition necessarily.

More niche features for Pro include the ability to join Azure Active Directory or a business domain. You may also like that you can immediately set up Windows 11 Pro with a local account, although you can do that on Windows 11 Home with some trickery. This risewindows post will guide on how to upgrade Windows 11 home to Pro edition.

How to Upgrade Windows 11 Home to Pro?

If you’re ready to upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro, perform the following steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys.

Step 2. Select the System category from the left sidebar.

Step 3. Then, click on the Activation tab.

Step 4. Next, click the Upgrade your edition of Windows option to expand it.

Step 5. After that, click the Change button beside the “Change product key” option.

Quick Note: If you have not yet purchased Windows 11 Pro key, click the button Open Store beside “Upgrade in the Microsoft app” and complete the purchase.

Step 6. A pop-up window will appear to enter the product key. Enter here Windows 11 Pro key that you already purchased.

Step 7. Then, click the Next button after entering the correct 25-digit product key. Please ensure you have an active internet connection to validate the product key from the Microsoft activation server, and Windows 11 Pro should activate permanently.

Finally, you will get a message “Your copy of Windows is successfully activated” upon successful activation. Now, you can access all the features of Windows 11 Pro on your PC.

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