How to Turn On or Turn Off Text Suggestions on Windows 11?


Text suggestion is a built-in feature on Windows 11 that significantly changes your typing experience. A significant advantage of this program is its speed and the ability to get immediate feedback after typing. After typing a few words, you will know whether your message is correct or not. Sometimes, it can also detect potential errors and make corrections for you.

In addition, you can get some suggestions about relevant words that could match your preferred words. There is a drawback that the feature is not available in all of the languages, but you can solve the issue. This risewindows article will guide you on how to turn On or Off text suggestions on Windows 11.

What are Text Suggestions, and why do I need them?

When you turn on the text suggestions feature on your Windows 11, you start typing on your keyboard. This feature will automatically predict and suggest some relevant words that are more likely to match your preferred word. This feature does not only predict the grammatical words; it also indicates the names based on your typing history. For example, I started typing Kam, and we have suggestions to use Kamal. Here, Kamal is not a grammatical word; it is just a name we often use.

If you type on a keyboard, the Text Suggestions feature automatically suggests relevant words that are more likely to match your preferred word. It works throughout Windows applications and word processor programs (i.e., MS Office Word). Then, on some of the built-in applications, when you write a wrong word, this Text Suggestions function will underline them in red. For example, we have typed a wrong word in the Settings search box, which is highlighted.

How to Turn On or Turn Off Text Suggestions on Windows 11?

Text suggestions are the predictive words that appear on the screen when you start to type. These programs predict the words you will likely type next so you can type faster and more accurately. In other words, they help you interact with your computer more efficiently by predicting the following words you might type and speeding up your typing. To enable or disable text suggestions on Windows 11, do the next steps:-

Step 1. First, open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys from the keyboard.

Alternatively, click on the Start button on the taskbar or press the Windows key from the keyboard and then click on the Settings gear icon in the Start menu.


Step 2. Now, in the Settings window, click on the Time & language category from the left side pane.

Step 3. Then, on the right side pane of the Time & language, click on the Typing tab.

Step 4. After that, on the Typing settings page, turn on the following toggle switches:-

  • Show text suggestions when typing on the physical keyboard
  • Multilingual text suggestions
  • Autocorrect misspelled words
  • Autocorrect misspelled words

Now you can close the Settings window safely—the settings are stored automatically.

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