How to take screenshots in Edge using Web Capture Feature?

These days you have so many options that you can explore in order to find the right Internet browser for you. In case it is Microsoft Edge for you, you might want to know what you can do to alter its settings for a more personalized experience. Taking about the screenshot feature, the built-in Edge browser is based on Chromium and has a tonne of capabilities. It enables you to restart the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 11 or 10 without losing any open Tabs. Without using any extensions or add-ons, you may access, edit, and erase saved passwords on the Edge browser. When archiving web pages for record-keeping purposes, you can use the integrated Microsoft Print to PDF tool to save the full webpage in PDF format. Some Windows 11/10 users, however, are unaware of this option and instead use Save As to save the full website as an HTML file. This is a bad practice because it saves a lot of irrelevant files, such as CSS style sheets, javascript file, small image files, etc.

Web Capture in Microsoft Edge Browser

Web Capture is a new function that Microsoft has added to the Edge browser. The best way to save the full page as one image, similar to taking a screenshot of the entire desktop, is with this option. You can use this web capture feature to quickly and easily capture an entire web page or a specific section of a web page.

How to take screenshots in Edge using Web Capture Feature?

Use the following steps to take the screenshot of of the entire webpage or a part of a it using an Edge browser:-

Step 1: Go to the website you want to save as an image on your PC by opening the Edge browser and visiting it.

Step 2: Right-click and choose Web Capture from the menu, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S.

Step 3: You will find the following options once you complete the above steps:-

  • Capture area
  • Capture full page

Capture Area – You can use this option to take a screenshot of a section of a web page that you want to keep for later use.

Capture full page – This option allows you to capture a screenshot of a specific area of a website that you want to remember for later use.

Select the required option.

Step 4: Another pop-up window will show up on your screen. Without storing it to your computer, you can alter the image or send it to another person. Click on the Save option if you wish to keep the image.

Step 5: Depending on your choice, a screenshot of the full website or only a portion of it will be stored on your computer in JPEG format.

That is it.

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