How to Switch Between Tablet Mode and Desktop Mode on Windows 10?

The newly added feature, Tablet Mode, is available if you want a slight change from how you usually operate your system. If you want to use the tablet in a different way, you can unattach the tablet from its dock/base. This will automatically turn all of the applications and settings into full screen. However, this feature does not come with a desktop.

After switching to Tablet Mode, all the applications show in full-screen mode, including the taskbar, thus enhancing the user experience. If you, too, have a tablet mode on your system and want to learn how to use it, keep reading this risewindows article for detailed instructions.

How to Turn On/Off Tablet Mode from Action Center?

Go to the taskbar on your desktop and find the Action Center in the bottom right corner. Find the Tablet Mode option. It will turn blue (ON) or grey (OFF) when you click on it. Choose either of the two options according to your requirements.

What is the procedure for turning on/off Tablet Mode in the Settings application?

Use the following steps to turn On/Off Tablet Mode on your computer manually:-

Step 1: Go to the settings app on your computer.

To do so, you can go to the taskbar and type Settings. Click on the same from the search results.

Step 2: As the Settings window opens, click on System.

Step 3: Find the Tablet option and click on it.

Step 4: Look for the “When I Sign in” drop-down menu in the right side pane and choose one option:-

  • Always use tablet mode
  • Never use tablet mode
  • Use the appropriate method for my hardware.

Always use tablet mode” should be selected to use the Tablet Mode. “Never use tablet mode” is used for desktop mode. “Use the appropriate mode for my hardware” lets windows decide which option to choose.

Finally, close the settings application.

Once you complete all the above steps, you will be familiar with switching between tablet and desktop mode.

That is it.

You guys are amazing; keep reading, learning, and growing.

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