How to Switch between Headphones and Speakers on Windows 11?


We know we don’t always use the same Audio Output Device on our computers. Everybody’s computer can use headphones and speakers; you have to be able to switch between them. Now, if you too want to switch between devices but have no idea how to do it, this risewindows article will provide you with at least three methods for doing it:

How to Change the Default Sound Output Device using the Settings App?

Step 1: Start by opening the Settings app.

You can either go to the taskbar at the bottom panel or use the Windows + I shortcut keys.

Step 2: Select the System option on the left side of the Settings window.

Step 3: Once you’re done with the above step, choose the Sound tile on the right side pane of the System.

Step 4: You will find all connected audio devices under the Output section.

Step 5: Select any you want to use for sound output.

There you go. The changes will be saved once you close the settings App.

How to Change the Default Sound Output Device from Quick Settings?

You can also change the Output Device from the Quick settings Windows 11 comes with. Follow through to do that.

Step 1: You can open the Quick Settings menu using the Windows + A keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, click on the Quick Settings area from the taskbar.

Step 2: On the Quick Settings menu, you will find a right-facing arrow (caret) beside the volume slider. Click on it.

Step 3:  All the connected audio output devices will appear. Click on any one of them to select and use.

Click anywhere outside the Quick Settings menu and close it once you’re done.

How to Select the Default Audio Output Device from Sounds Applet?

Step 1: Press Windows + R shortcut keys on the keyboard and open the Run dialog box.

Step 2: Now, type “mmsys.cpl” and hit Enter on the keyboard to launch the classical Sounds applet.

Step 3: Switch to the Playback tab in the Sound window. You’ll find all available audio playback devices, among which you can select the desired output device and click the Set Default button to switch between audio devices.

Step 4: Lastly, click the OK button to exit.

There you go.

You guys are amazing, keep reading, keep learning, and keep growing.

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