How to Sign in to Windows 11 with Fingerprint?


The new Windows 11 brings with it many new features and improvements. On Windows 11, you can sign in with your finger if your computer can process biometric data. Your PC needs a fingerprint sensor or reader to read your fingerprint. If your computer does not have a fingerprint reader, you can purchase an external reader, connect it to your computer via USB, and use it that way. You can use any finger to create a fingerprint profile.

Fingerprint recognition is part of the Windows Hello security feature, offering more sign-in options. You can sign in to Windows with a picture password, a PIN, or your face. Hello’s fingerprint is secure because it’s tied to a specific device. A user can only log in to your computer when your machine recognizes a fingerprint. You will not need to remember a strong password because you will use your fingerprint to sign in to your PC. This risewindows article will guide you on how to Sign in to Windows 11 with a fingerprint.

How to Setup Fingerprint and Sign in to Windows 11?

Step 1. First, open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys on the keyboard.


Step 2. Now, when Windows Settings opens, select the Accounts category from the left side pane.

Step 3. Then, in the right sidebar, click the Sign-in options.


Step 4. Next, click the header “Fingerprint recognition (Windows Hello)” on the Sign-in options settings to expand it.

Step 5. After that, under “Fingerprint recognition (Windows Hello),” click the Set up button beside “Sign in with Windows, apps, and services.”

Step 6. So, when the “Windows Hello setup” pop-up window appears, click the Get started button.

Step 7. Then, in the “Windows Security” window, enter the PIN you used to set up your account.

Step 8. After that, touch the fingerprint sensor. You will need to repeatedly lift and rest your finger on the sensor until the setup is complete.

Step 9. When prompted, click the Next button to try another angle.

Step 10. When Windows fully recognizes your finger, you should receive a message, “Use your fingerprint the next time you want to unlock your device.”

Step 11. While on the above settings screen, if you wish to add another finger, use the link labeled “Add another finger.” If not, click the Close button to exit.

Finally, the next time you want to sign in to Windows, on the lock screen, touch the fingerprint sensor.

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