How to Show Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit on Windows 10 Taskbar?

On Windows 10 taskbar, you will find the weather temperature by default. You do see the past, present, and future weather and forecast. It also allows you to browse the weather today or the week for your current location or country. When connected to the internet, you can view your current weather according to your region or country. It shows weather temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit units. The News and Interests App also display weather temperature according to your region or country.

However, it is easy to set it to show the forecast for any city or location you want, anywhere in the world. You can change the temperature degree to Celsius or Fahrenheit if you need. Microsoft is also testing a weather widget for Windows 11 that will arrive through Windows update 2022.

In this article, we will guide you on how to show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit in Windows 10 Taskbar.

How to Change the temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit on the Windows 10 taskbar?

Step 1. First, hover the mouse cursor over the weather information button on the Windows 10 taskbar to see the News and Interests flyout. If the flyout does not open upon hovering the mouse cursor over it, click on the weather information button.

Step 2. On the flyout, you will see the weather and other tiles. Click on the three horizontal dots under the weather and select the Edit location and unit option.

Step 3. Select  Fahrenheit or Celsius  under the UNITS field and click the Save  button.

If you want to change the weather location, turn off the toggle switch beside “Always detect my location” and type a new location in the above settings. Now, on Windows 10 Taskbar, you will see weather information of the new place that you have entered manually.

This way, you will change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit in Windows 10 Taskbar.

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