How to Show or Hide Desktop Search Bar on Windows 11?

Microsoft has upgraded the Microsoft Insider Preview Dev channel with a new build 25120 and introduced widgets to the Desktop area. Devices enrolled in the Microsoft Insider Preview program will begin to see a search box on their Desktop, allowing them to search the web.

Outside of the Widgets panel, the Desktop Search box is the first such object to appear on the Desktop. Bing powers the desktop search box in Windows 11, which allows you to search the web, documents, and other content directly from your Desktop. When you begin typing your search term in the desktop search box, it will query Bing for possible suggestions and showcase them in the new tabs of Bing and Microsoft Edge. There is, however, no way to change the search engine or web browser. Even if this experimental feature makes it to the final version of Windows 11, we may not see them.

This risewindows article will show you how to show and hide the Desktop Search widget in Windows 11.

How to Enable the Desktop Search box on Windows 11?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable or display the desktop search widget on Windows 11 steps:-

Step 1. First, Right-click on the blank space on the Desktop and select Show more options.

Step 2. After that, check the item Show search from the classic context menu.

When you complete the above steps, the Search bar will appear on your Windows 11 Desktop.

How to Disable the Desktop Search box on Windows 11?

Follow the below-given steps to turn off or hide the desktop search box in Windows 11, steps:-

Step 1. First, right-click on the Desktop’s free space and select Show more options.Step 2. After that, uncheck the Show search from the classic context menu. If you complete the above steps, the Search bar will disappear from your Windows 11 Desktop.

How to Enable the “Show search” option in Context Menu?

Microsoft is testing the “Show search” function with a small group of Windows 11 users. You may not find this option in the Context Menu and thus will be unable to use this function. If you can’t wait for this feature, you can use ViVeTool to restore the “Show search” function on your Windows 11 machine.

To restore the “Show search” item in your Windows 11 classic context menu, follow these steps:

Step 1. Start with downloading the latest version of ViVeTool from GitHub.

Step 2. After that, move the downloaded file to the “C” drive.Step 3. Then, right-click on the ViVeTool ZIP archive and select Extract All.Step 4. Now, click on the Extract button. Step 5. Next, rename the extracted folder to ViVeTool.Step 6. Further, open the elevated Command Prompt and type the following:-

c:\vivetool\vivetool addconfig 37969115 2

Step 7. Now, press the Enter key from the keyboard.

Step 8. At last, reboot your computer to see the “Show search” item in the context menu.

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