How to show hidden files and folders, and hide specific folders in Windows 10?


The Windows 10 operating system allows you to hide and show files and folders. There are many reasons for hiding or unhiding files. Hiding your files or documents on your computer is helpful if you want them to remain private or if there is a virus in a particular folder. You can view it manually. Additionally, there are many reasons why you might wish to unhide/show files in Windows 10.

This article will explain how to show hidden files and folders and hide specific folders on Windows 10 or help you hide particular folders.

How do you show hidden files or folders on a Windows 10 computer?

Step 1. To see the hidden files or folder on your Windows 10 computer, open Windows Explorer by pressing Windows+E keys simultaneously (Alternately, you can open “This PC” from the desktop shortcut or Start menu).

Step 2. From the “File Explorer” menus, click on the View tab.

Step 3. Check Hidden items under the View tab to show hidden files and folders.

Now all the hidden files and folders will be visible. The files or folders which are slightly transparent were hidden.

The first folder was hidden in the above image as it is slightly transparent, while the other two are normal.

How to hide a file or folder on a Windows 10 computer?

Step 1. Select a file or folder that you want to hide from others.

Step 2. Right-click on the selected file or folder and select Properties.

Step 3. Check the Hidden checkbox on the General Tab.

Step 4. Click on the Apply and then OK button.

Now the selected file or folder will be hidden. You can uncheck the “Hidden” option to make it visible. For your information, some of the system files remain hidden by default.

That’s it.

With the help of the above steps, you can easily hide or show specific files on your computer.

All the best!

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