How to Set Keyboard Shortcut to Launch Calculator on Windows 11?

Windows calculator application is a handy application that many Windows users widely use. For some Windows users, this is a nearly inevitable application. They have to launch the Calculator application multiple times a day during their working hours. If you are such a vivid calculator app user, you might already be in search of ways using which you can quickly launch this application.

The Calculator app on Windows is pretty popular, useful, and powerful. People are freaking out if they don’t see it on their computer after upgrading their Windows. You can convert currency, volume, length, weight & mass, temperature, energy, area, speed, time, power, data, pressure, angle, etc.

You will not prefer to use this method if you frequently want to open it, even though you can open the Calculator on Windows 11 by pressing the Start button on the taskbar and clicking the relevant entry in the “Start menu,” So, if you need, you can pin the Calculator app to the taskbar to open it more quickly. A keyboard shortcut may be the quickest way to open any app for most Windows users.

This risewindows article will learn how to set Keyboard Shortcut to Launch Calculator on Windows 11.

How to Set Keyboard Shortcut to Launch Calculator on Windows 11?

To configure or set up a keyboard shortcut to open Calculator on Windows 11, use the following steps:-

Step 1. First, right-click on free space on the desktop and select New > Shortcut.

Step 2. Now, in the “Create Shortcut” wizard that opens, in the text field of “Type the location of the item,” type calc.exe. Then click the Next button.

Step 3. Then, name the shortcut Calculator and click the Finish button.

Step 4. After that, you have created a Calculator shortcut on the desktop, and you need to configure the keyboard shortcut. So, right-click on this shortcut and select the Properties option.

Step 5. Next, in the “Calculator Properties” window, navigate to the Shortcut tab and then click the Shortcut key box.

Step 6. Now, press a letter or number from the keyboard you would like to use to launch the Calculator app. Windows 11 will automatically add “Ctrl” + “Alt” to the selected shortcut. For example, if you press the letter “L,” Windows 11 will make the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “L.” Hence, in this case, your shortcut key for opening Calculator will be “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “L.”

Step 7. Finally, click the Apply and then OK button.

After completing the above steps, you have successfully created the keyboard shortcut. Press the key combination to launch the Calculator on your Windows 11 PC anytime.

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