How to See Your Saved Passwords on Google Chrome?

We probably don’t even keep count of how many websites we visit every day. And almost every website requires you to create a username and password so that you can access their content in the future with the help of these details. Remembering all of these usernames and passwords can be pretty tricky. It is why browsers these days have come up with a solution for the same.

Talking about Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers. It provides a feature where you can save the username and password for a website as you create your account on it. Once you click on the check box, it will remember the password you have set up and won’t require you to re-enter it the next time you visit the respective website.

The list keeps getting longer, and you might want to delete or change the passwords for a few. This risewindows article will talk about how you can view and manage the saved passwords on your Google Chrome browser.

How to view and manage saved passwords on Google Chrome?

Use the following steps to view and manage the saved passwords on Google Chrome:-

Step 1: Go to the Chrome browser on your computer.

Step 2: You will find three dots(options menu) next to the User icon. Click on it and go to Settings in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: In the menu on the left side, click on Autofill and then on Passwords.

Step 4: As the saved passwords window shows up, you will find a whole bunch of websites for which you have saved passwords.

Step 5: These passwords will appear in dos, which you can view by clicking on the eye-icon next to each password.

Note: Now that you have found all the passwords you have ever saved on your browser, let us get to the managing part. These passwords remain because of security reasons. However, once you click on the eye icon and view them, a pop-up window will show up on your screen, asking you to enter your login credentials. The password will be visible after entering the required details.

You will find three vertical dots on your screen. By clicking on them, you need to go to the Removeoption, and you will be able to delete any of the passwords you have saved.

That is it.

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