How to Schedule a Restart for Windows Updates on Windows 11?

Windows 11 automatically downloads the latest updates and installs them on your computer with the default settings. If necessary, sometimes it schedules a restart to complete installing Windows updates. It looks like two arrows curved into a circle shape. But, if you don’t want to restart your computer? is any way to schedule the restart on Windows 11? Of course, there is a way to schedule a restart.

If a Windows 11 update is downloaded and ready to install, but you are not prepared for a system restart yet, you are scheduled for a more convenient time for the update to install within 7 days of the current date. Then let’s get how to set it up.

How to Schedule a Restart for Windows Updates on Windows 11?

To schedule a restart for Windows 11 updates, do these steps:-

Step 1.  When an update is available in Windows 11 and Windows wants to restart your system to install it, you’ll see a small Windows Update restart icon on the right side of the taskbar that looks like two arrows curved into a circle shape. Click this icon.

Alternatively, you can press Windows + I keys to open the Settings app. Then click Windows Update in the right sidebar.

Step 2. After clicking on the icon, Windows Setting Will open the “Windows Update” page. Under the “Restart required” message, click Schedule the Restart link.

Step 3. Then, turn on the toggle switch “Schedule a Time.” Use the “Pick a Time” and “Pick a Day” menus to select a time and date when you want the restart and update of the system to take place.

After that, go back to the Windows Update page and check the restart schedule. You’ll see confirmation of your scheduled restart listed beside the large restart icon.

If you choose the wrong time and want to reschedule the Windows update restart, click “Schedule the Restart” again and correct it. When the date and time of your computer match with the scheduled restart, your Windows 11 PC will restart and install the update automatically.

That’s it for the article, keep learning and be safe!!!

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