How to Rotate Text in an MS Excel Spreadsheet?


You can perform a lot of customization in Microsoft Excel. In this risewindows article, we will learn to rotate a text in an Excel spreadsheet. This post will help you customize a text in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet per your requirement.

You may need to rotate the text; you need to customize an Excel spreadsheet to fit its contents to a specified size in an area at various stages. You may need to customize the spreadsheet for the school or office projects.

Excel has the built-in feature to rotate the text in the desired direction whether you want to turn the text in one cell or multiple cells at once – possible with this functionality.

How to Rotate Text in an MS Excel Spreadsheet?

Now, open an excel spreadsheet and select single/multiple cells with text. After that, click on the Orientation option in the Alignment section from the Home tab.

Excel Text Orientation

You will also find the following action to do:

  • Angle Counterclockwise
  • Angle Clockwise
  • Verticle Text
  • Rotate Text Up
  • Rotate Text Down
  • Format Cell Alignment

Choose orientation settings as per your requirements. Angle Counterclockwise, Angle Clockwise, Verticle Text, Rotate Text Up, Rotate Text Down and Format Cell Alignment options are pre-defined in Excel, which will change the text direction in a pre-defined manner.

Angle Counterclockwise and Angle Clockwise change the text direction by 45 degrees. Verticle and Rotate Text Up will set the text in two pre-defined directions. Rotate text Down will rotate the text vertically down.

If unsatisfied with the pre-defined text alignment, you can also select Format Cell Alignment’s last option. With Format Cell Alignment, you can change the text direction and angle according to your needs.


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