How to Resize Taskbar of Windows 11?


The taskbar is one of the most noticeable changes in Windows 11. You’ll notice that the taskbar icons are now centered, so there’s no option to shrink them using “small icons” or “labels.” Don’t worry…!!! This risewindows article helps you to resize the taskbar. To start with, you should note that the taskbar icons in Windows 11 are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Because the default size is medium, you’ll have plenty of room to work on whether your taskbar is too big or too small.

Even though it is worth mentioning that the size differences are pretty striking, and some UI components may overlap due to the changes. The overall size of the taskbar will change as a result of this, as it will shrink or grow to fit the size of the icon. The good news is that once you understand and follow the steps of this article, you’ll be able to switch between them at any time. The modifications will take effect once you log in and out or restart the Explorer process. It is how to adjust your registry.

How do I resize the Taskbar of Windows 11?

The easiest way to change the size of the Windows 11 taskbar is with a registry edit. You can learn more about using the registry here, but if you follow it carefully and back up the registry beforehand, it should be easy and safe.

Step 1. First, open the Registry Editor.

To launch the Registry Editor windows, click on the Search icon from the Windows 11 Taskbar and type regedit. Now, click on the Registry Editor to open it in the available search results.


Step 2. Then, in the Registry Editor window that opens, navigate or browse for the following key from the left side pane:-


Step 3. After that, on the Advanced key, perform a right-click, select New, and then DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name it as TaskbarSi.

Step 4. After that, on the right side of the Advanced key, double-click on TaskbarSi to edit its Value data.

In the Value data field, you can use the following number:-

  • 0 – Small taskbar size
  • 1 – Medium or default taskbar size
  • 2 – Large taskbar size

Step 5. Next, change the Value data from 0 to 2 to increase the size of the Windows 11 Taskbar.

Step 6. Then, click OK.

Step 7. At last, log out or restart your PC.

Now, your Windows 11 Taskbar size will increase compared to the default one.

If you wish to change the Taskbar size to its default value, steer for the following registry key in the Registry Editor window:-


After completing the above steps, on the right side of Advanced, look for the DWORD entry TaskbarSi. Double-click on it and set its Value data to 1. Now, Windows 11 Taskbar size will return to its previous size.

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