How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged RAR Files?


WinRAR can be used to create RAR files, which are compressed file(s) or data containers. They can compress, open, and encrypt ZIP and RAR files and can hold one or more files or directories. There may occur situations where you have downloaded a .RAR file from the web but have been unable to open it on a Windows computer. Instead you may encounter some of the errors that are mentioned below

  1. The File is corrupt.
  2. The archive is corrupt
  3. Unexpected end of archive
  4. CRC32 failed
  5. Checksum error

It’s quite usual to download a corrupted RAR file from the Internet if you have a sluggish or inconsistent internet connection. Although downloading the same file again might fix the problem, you won’t want to use this approach if the larger file’s size is the problem. If redownloading is not an option, you could wish to look at techniques to fix the RAR file.

This risewindows article will walk you through the process of fixing or rebuilding a damaged, corrupted, or partially downloaded RAR file.

How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged RAR Files using WinRAR?

Step 1: First, download and installĀ WinRAR on your computer.

Step 2: Right-click on your damaged RAR file and choose Open with WinRAR from the context menu that appears.

Step 3: Select the Repair archive option from the Tools menu when the WinRAR application has opened.

Step 4: Click on the radio button. Treat the damaged archive as a RAR file. To fix it, press the OK button.

A new file with the same name but prefixed with the rebuild is now created in the same folder.

How to Repair or Rebuild Corrupted or Broken RAR Files using WinRAR?

You can extract content from corrupted or damaged RAR files if the above steps do not help rebuild or repair them.

Step 1: To open the corrupt RAR archive file, double-click on it.

Step 2: Select Extract to from the menu.

Step 3: Check the box in the Miscellaneous section. Save corrupted files.

Step 4: Press OK to complete the process.

Now wait for the files in the corrupt RAR file to be extracted. The entire RAR file’s contents will be extracted and placed in the same folder as your damaged RAR file.

That is it.

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