How to Reinstall Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows 11?


Windows has a virtual printer that enables users to print any page to a PDF-compatible document over the years. For many people without actual printers, this is tremendously helpful. So, you can rapidly save any document in PDF format by printing it to the PDF printer.

The “Print to PDF” option in the Windows Print menu allows you to save documents in PDF format. It is convenient to convert your traditional Word or other text documents into PDFs. And if PDFs are enormous. You can easily compress PDFs using PDF Compressor. It is a good feature that allows you to print any document in a PDF file.

Many new features and improvements included in Windows 11 will be fantastic for some users while posing some learning obstacles for others. Even though, if you deleted it by mistake or for some reason, Microsoft Print to PDF printer is missing on Windows 11, you can get it back by running commands. Using a few commands, you can easily reinstall it on your computer or laptop. This risewindows article will guide you on reinstalling Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows 11.

How to reinstall Microsoft Print to PDF printer on Windows 11?

Step 1. First, open Command Prompt with administrator rights.

For that, click on the Start button on the taskbar and then type Command Prompt in the search box. Right-click on the Command Prompt in the search results and select the Run as administrator option.

Step 2. Now, in the elevated command prompt window, type the following and hit Enter from the keyboard to stop the print spooler service:-

net stop spooler

Step 3. Then execute the following command to uninstall or disable the PDF printer feature:-

dism /Online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:"Printing-PrintToPDFServices-Features" /NoRestart

Step 4. After that, the above command will remove the Microsoft Print to PDF from your Windows 11 PC. Next, copy and paste the following text on the command prompt window and hit Enter from the keyboard to reinstall it on your PC:-

dism /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:"Printing-PrintToPDFServices-Features" /NoRestart

Step 5. Finally,  you have reinstalled your PC’s Microsoft Print to PDF printer. Then, it’s time to start the print spooler service. Without this service, you can’t print any document virtually or physically. For that, copy and paste the following texts and then hit Enter from the keyboard to execute the command:-

net start spooler

After completing all the steps,  Microsoft Print to PDF printer will appear in your printer list. You can use this printer to print any document as a PDF. Just press Ctrl + P from the keyboard, select Microsoft Print to PDF printer from the list and then click on the Save button to get the desired document in PDF file.

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