How to Prevent Users from Adjusting Toolbar on Windows 10 Taskbar?

The Taskbar is an element of Windows 10 located at the bottom of the screen, and toolbars are one of the many features that the Taskbar provides. There are several built-in toolbars that the users can set up or create a new toolbar. The Taskbar toolbars can help access addresses, links, and specific files. This can be easily set by right-clicking on the Taskbar and choosing options. However, if multiple users use your PC, they can also use this feature to enable and disable toolbars.

Some settings can be restricted for standard users and some for users with less knowledge. It isn’t necessary to disable the only setting the users use, but you can also disable the setting you don’t need. Windows 10 comes with many features and not each one of them is used by most users.

If you do not want other standard users to add or remove the toolbars on the Windows Taskbar, this risewindows article will help you. There are two ways available on Windows 10 to prevent users from adding/removing/arranging Toolbar programs. One can prevent shifting of toolbar using Local Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor. If you prefer to use the Registry Editor, take the Windows Registry’s full backup and create a System Restore point before getting started.

How do users stop adding, removing, and adjusting Toolbars on Windows 10?

Using Group Policy Editor

Step 1. First, open the Start menu and type gpedit.msc.

Step 2. Click on gpedit.msc from the search results to launch Local Group Policy Editor.


Step 3. Then, navigate to the following:-

Local Computer Policy > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar

Step 4. After that, from the right side pane, double-click on “Prevent changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings.”

Step 5. Next, from the available options, change Not configured to Enabled.

Step 6. Now, once the above changes are made accordingly, click onApplyand, then the OK button.

Finally, restart your computer to apply the changes.

Using Registry Editor

First, download this registry file to disable users from adjusting the Toolbar on Windows 10 Taskbar. Then, download this registry file to enable users to adjust the Toolbar on Windows 10 Taskbar.

After that, download the file according to the changes you want to make. Double-click on the registry file to merge in Windows Registry. At last, restart Windows 10 PC to apply the changes.

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