How to Open Settings App on Windows 11/10?

The Setting app is an essential tool for devices. It allows controlling software and hardware and how they look and work. Firstly, Windows 8 introduced Setting App. After that, windows 10 with some extra features. The Setting app in windows 11 has been completely redesigned with beautiful features. Windows 11 Setting App includes a left navigation pane for categories, and on the right panel, it includes foldable sections with all the options to control your device.

This article guides you to a different type of open-setting app. These are as follows:

  1.   From Start Menu
  2. Through Windows Search
  3. Using Keyboard Shortcut
  4. Using the Run command box
  5. Using Desktop Context Menu
  6. Via Quick Settings
  7. Through Windows Terminal, PowerShell, or Command Prompt
  8. Via File Explorer
  9. Through Taskbar

From Start Menu

you can open Settings from the menu. Click on the Start button on the Taskbar or press the Windows key from the keyboard. Then, click on the Settings gear icon.

Through Windows Search

Click on the Search button present on the Taskbar or press Window+S keys simultaneously to open the Windows Search panel. Type Settings in the search box. Click on Settings in the search result to open it.

Keyboard Shortcut

It is easy and fast to access the Settings app on Windows 11. Press Windows+I keys on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Settings app.

Alternatively, press Windows+X keys simultaneously from your keyboard to open the quick links menu and select Settings.

Run command box

Press Windows+R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. Type MS-settings: in the Run box, and hit theEnter key from the keyboard to open the Settings app.

Using Desktop Context Menu

From the desktop context menu, you can also open the Settings app. For that, perform a right-click on an empty spot and then click the  Personalize option to open the Settings > Personalization page.

Via Quick Settings

To launch the Settings app from the Quick Settings pane, press Windows + A keys from the keyboard or click on the quick settings area in the Taskbar. In the Quick Settings pane, click on the Settings gear icon.

Windows Terminal, PowerShell, or Command Prompt

Open PowerShell and Command prompt, or Windows Terminal, and type MS-settings: Press  Enter from the keyboard to open the Settings app.

To open Windows Terminal, right-click on free space on the desktop and select the option Open in Windows Terminal.

Via File Explorer

Open the File Explorer by pressing Windows + E keys simultaneously from the keyboard. In the File Explorer address bar, type MS-settings: and press the Enter key from the keyboard to open the Settings app on Windows 11.

Through Taskbar

Perform a right-click on the free space on Taskbar and select the Taskbar Settings option.

Using these methods, you can easily access the setting app in windows 11.


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