How to Open Folder with Keyboard Shortcut on Windows 10?


If you open a specific folder(s) several times per day, you can assign a shortcut key to them so that you can open them with a keyboard shortcut in Windows 10. On our Windows 10 machine, for example, we frequently access the “Movies” folder. So, creating a dedicated shortcut to open that folder will save a lot of time, and we need not have to navigate through the File Explorer to locate it. 

This risewindows article will walk you through the procedure of assigning a keyboard shortcut to open a folder in Windows 10.

To use a keyboard shortcut to open a folder, initially, create a shortcut for the target folder and then assign a keyboard shortcut to that shortcut. Then, with that shortcut key, you can quickly open that folder on your Windows 10 system.

How to Open Folder with Keyboard Shortcut on Windows 10?

In Windows 10, follow these steps to open a folder with a keyboard shortcut:-

Step 1. First of all, open File Explorer.

To do that, use the Windows + E hotkey from the keyboard.

Step 2. Steer to the folder you want to assign a keyboard shortcut in the File Explorer window and right-click on that folder. Select Create shortcut option in the menu.

Step 3. When done, you will notice a new shortcut to that folder with the “-Shortcut” suffix in the exact location. Drag that folder shortcut to the desktop if you also want to access it from there.

Step 4. After that, right-click the folder shortcut you created and select the  Properties option in the menu.

Step 5. Then, switch to the Shortcut tab in the Properties dialog box.

Step 6. Next, click on the “Shortcut key” field and press any letter/number on the keyboard. For instance, when you press the M key on the keyboard, Windows automatically adds Ctrl + Alt. So, your keyboard shortcut to open the folder will be Ctrl + Alt + M.

Movies-Shortcut-Key-assignedStep 7. Finally, click the Apply button.

Step 8. Then, click on the OK button.

That’s all.

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