How to Move the Taskbar on Windows 10 to Any Side of Your Screen or Monitor?

Whenever you log into your windows OS, the taskbar is, by default, located at the bottom of your screen and lets you access different applications and software. However, like the various other features that Windows offers you, it also allows you to change the position of the taskbar. While some users don’t bother where the taskbar is on their screen, others may want it at a specific location. If this is the case with you, you might want to read this article till the end.

This risewindows article will guide you through the steps you can follow to change the position of the taskbar on your monitor. And the good thing is you don’t even have to use a third-party application. Interesting right?

How to move the taskbar on Windows 10 to any side of your screen or monitor?

Use the following steps to relocate the taskbar on Windows 10 to any side of your screen:-

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your computer. Go to the start menu and click on the Settings icon.

You can also press and hold the Windows logo, then press the I key to do so.

Windows 10 - How to Change Taskbar ...
Windows 10 - How to Change Taskbar Location on Screen

Step 2: Go to the Personalization category.

Step 3: In the left side pane in the Personalization window, you will find Taskbar Settings. Click on it.

You can also do so by right-clicking on the free space on the taskbar, and in the available options, click on Taskbar Settings.

Step 4: Scroll down and look for the “Taskbar location on screen” option.

Step 5: Now, click on the drop-down list. You will see options like LeftTopRight, and Bottom.

Step 6: You can select one of the four options to decide the location of the taskbar on your screen. Once you complete it, close the Settings window.

On a side note, you can use the next step as a shortcut to change the location of the taskbar on your screen.

Step 7: Right-click on the free space of the Taskbar and un-check “Lock the taskbar.” It will unlock the taskbar.

Step 8: Finally, left-click and hold the cursor on the taskbar and move it to the desired location, i.e., left, right, top or bottom. Now drop it. The taskbar will now appear on the new location.

That is it.

You guys are amazing; keep reading, learning, and growing.

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