How to Make Windows 11 Look Like Windows 10?

Microsoft knows how you like Windows operating system to look. It makes significant changes to the user interface in Windows 11. It is currently impossible to fully revert Windows 11 to look like Windows 10. Still, several key tweaks can make you more comfortable.

If you don’t love the all-new Windows 11 interface, you can easily roll back to the Windows 10 interface using ExplorerPatcher.

ExplorerPatcher for Windows 11

ExplorerPatcher is a free and small utility, and you get the old Windows 10 charm back. This tool will make some changes to your Windows 11 operating system and make it look like Windows 10. You can get the Windows usability features without doing much.

But, you are advised to create a system restore point before using it.

How to Make Windows 11 look like Windows 10?

To get Windows 11 to look like Windows 10, you first need to download the ExplorerPatcher from Github (The link is at the end of this article). Then, apply several patches on your PC.

After downloading and running this tool on your PC, Windows 11 Taskbar will immediately move to the left corner as it was in Windows 10, the Windows 10 logo will reset to default, and the Control Center will be back in your system tray. If you want, you can adjust the Taskbar settings too.

To customize your Windows 11 more, right-click on the Taskbar and select the Properties option in the menu.

Switch to the Taskbar tab, and here you can change the following:-

  • Change Taskbar style.
  • Move the Taskbar to the screen’s bottom, top left, or right.
  • Show or hide the Search button.
  • Show or hide the Task view button.
  • Automatically hide the taskbar.
  • Change the Start button style.
  • Change the Taskbar icons alignment.
  • Combine Taskbar icons.
  • Customize Taskbar icon size.

Once the changes are made as per your choice, click the Restart File Explorer button at the bottom of this software to apply the changes.

When you move to the System tray tab, you will find several options to show or hide in the system tray area.

Here you can make the following changes:-

  • Show or hide the touch keyboard button.
  • Show or hide seconds in the clock.
  • Adjust the settings like flyout behavior for the tray icon.

Generally, the Start menu is set to Windows 11 style. Also, you can switch to Windows 10 Start menu from the Start menu tab. But it will appear in the center only. You are changing the “Position on screen” from “Center” to “At screen edge” will move to the edge, exactly what you see in Windows 10.

Also, you can alter how many frequently used apps you like to display, block the Recommended section, etc. Also, you can make the Windows 11 Start Menu open the entire list of apps.

The Weather tab lets you allow the Windows 10-like weather button on the Taskbar and configure its settings.

You have to switch to the Other tab to want Snap Assist to be displayed in Windows 10 style or like to remove the rounded corners of application windows on your PC. You can choose to show/hide separators between taskbar toolbars, show Command Prompt instead of PowerShell in the Win+X menu, block rounded corners of the application windows, get the old square shape, and much more.

ExplorerPatcher is an excellent utility for bringing your Windows 10 interface back and making your Windows 11 PC look like Windows 10.

You can also revert the changes, uninstall the program, get your Windows 11 features, and look back.

Download ExplorerPatcher

If you need it, you can grab the latest version of ExplorerPatcher from GitHub.

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