How to Make Chrome as Default Browser on Windows 11?


When you open up a file type associated with a web browser, it should open up your new default browser on Windows 11, Google Chrome. Chrome is simpler and easier to learn than Windows. Windows 11 is prettier than before, but it’s still much more complex than Chrome. The key is whether the apps you need are available in the cloud, and whether their cloud-based versions are as good as the equivalent Windows apps. Google Chrome is an extremely powerful web browser. It becomes even more capable once you add extensions to make tasks easier and faster. Though, if you’re setting your default browser to Google Chrome on Windows 11, there are a few things to remember.

Previously, users could select it as a default browser, and any file type associated with internet browsers would automatically open in Google Chrome. In Windows 11’s early days, users needed to specify the program for each file type. In theory and practice, changing the default program from Edge to Chrome for an .HTML file wouldn’t change it for an .HTML file type. The HTML default app also needed to be set to Google Chrome; otherwise, you’d find yourself randomly opening Microsoft Edge when you thought Google Chrome was the default. It was quite the problem.

In this risewindows article, we will show you how to make Chrome the default browser on Windows 11

How to Set Chrome as Default Browser on Windows 11?

To set Chrome as the default web browser on your Windows 11 PC, perform the following steps:-

Step 1. First, install the Google Chrome browser on your PC if you have not already done so.

Step 2. Now, open the Settings app.

Step 3. Then, select the Apps category from the left sidebar.

Step 4. When it is complete, click the Default apps tab on the right side of the Apps.

Step 5. After that, move your cursor to the right-sidebar, and scroll down to find Google Chrome in the list. When you find it, click on it.

Step 6. Next, click on Microsoft Edge under the “.htm” option.

Step 7. Now, in the pop-up window, select Google Chrome. Then click on the OK button.

Step 8. Then, you will notice that Microsoft Edge’s shopping mode has been replaced with Google Chrome. That means when you double-click on a “.htm” file, it will open in the Google Chrome browser.

Step 9. So, for the other file types, you need to repeat the above steps 5 to 8 if you want to open them also with Chrome:-

  • .html
  • .pdf
  • .shtml
  • .svg
  • .webp
  • .xht.FTP

Once you complete the above steps, the selected file extensions file or link will open in your preferred web browser Chrome.

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