How to Lock Folder on Windows 11/10 using Third-Party Software?

You can also hide a file or folder on Windows 11/10 without any third-party tool. On Windows OS, a lot of customization is possible. However, Windows 11/10/8/7 does not allow us to lock a folder with a password for security purposes. You must use a third-party tool to protect your folder with a password.

You must choose a third-party utility if you want to lock folders with passwords to protect their data. There are plenty of options over the Internet; however, most are either paid or not easy to use.

This risewindows article will share the top five accessible folder software that works fine on Windows 10. These are the following:-

  1. Free Hide Folder
  2. Anvi Free Folder Locker
  3. SecretFolder
  4. HiddenDIR
  5. Lock-A-Folder
  6. Master File Locker

Lock Folder using Free Hide Folder

This small utility is compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11. Free Hide Folder is a freeware utility, as the name suggests. It comes with a user-friendly interface.

Set-PasswordWhen you run the Free Hide Folder tool, it will offer you to set a password. The app will open when the password is set. Now, click on the Add from the menu to add a folder you want to set the password and hide it from the others.


Now, you can close the software. After that, the folder will be hidden and also password protected. Open the Free Hide Folder software and select the folder to view that folder again.

You can download the Free Hide Folder software from its official website here.

Lock Folder by Anvi Free Folder Locker

Anvi Folder Locker is another free folder locker software that lets you secure your folder with a password. It will prompt you to set a master password, and even it will ask for an email when it is installed.

Anvi-Folder-LockerWhy is email required? You can recover your password using email when you forget the master password; thus, the developer has added an email option that is quite useful in some cases.

Anvi-Folder-Locker-FreeAnvi Folder Locker comes with quite a straightforward interface. You can add a folder under Anvi Free Folder Locker software to password protect them by clicking the ADD button.

This freeware is compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11. You can download the latest version of Anvi Free Folder Locker from here.

Lock Folder with SecretFolder

The SecretFolder makes your folder secret by securing it with a password, as the name suggests. It will prompt you to set up a new password and email address when it is downloaded and installed on your Windows PC.


The app will open when you have set up the master password and provided an email. You can add a folder under SecretFolder. When the folder is inside the SecretFolder app, click on the lock from the menu, which will lock it with a master password. The software will prompt a master password if anyone tries to open the folder.

It would be best to remember that SecretFolder couldn’t be uninstalled without entering the password that you have set to protect your folders. If a user gains access to your PC, they can’t access your protected folders even by uninstalling the SecretFolder program.


It is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7. You can download the latest version of this software from here.

Lock Folder through HiddenDIR

HiddenDIR is another free tool to protect your important folders on Windows 11/10/8/7 machines. It is a small yet effective tool to protect your privacy. It makes the folder invisible to anyone who has access to your PC. Hidden folders will be visible to only those with access to the program that you can save in any directory or USB drive.


You can download the HiddenDIR from its official website.

Lock Folder via Lock-A-Folder

Lock-A-Folder is a lightweight and easy-to-use program that is available far. It follows you to hide and lock up any folders on your computer, making them invisible and inaccessible to anyone but yourself. You create a master password, select the folder(s) you want to hide, and click the Hide button to make them disappear. Enter your password and choose the folder you want to open to unlock a folder.

It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. You can download the software from its official website.

Lock Folder with the help of Master File Locker

Master-File-Locker-1024x800Master File Locker is another freeware tool specially built for Windows 11/10 and can download from the Microsoft Store. This app locks/unlocks and hides your files, photos, videos, documents, notes, audio, and video recordings on Windows 11/10. You need to set the password to protect a file with a password when installing it on your PC. You can read more about this utility on the Internet.

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